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'Tis the season for planning New Year's resolutions and according to the Kellogg's Special K* Canadian Positivity Poll, recently conducted by Angus Reid, a staggering 97 per cent of Canadians agree that a positive attitude helps in achieving goals. However, just 48 per cent of Canadians consider themselves positive. Hina Khan, psychotherapist, television personality and Special K Ambassador agrees that attitude is everything and says getting positive is easier than you think. Additional research by Special K supports the link between positivity and achieving weight management goals*. This is great news for the 61 per cent of Canadians making 2013 resolutions because the most popular are weight management related. Thirty per cent of Canadians are resolving to exercise more, lose weight or eat right. Just in time for 2013, myspecialk.ca launches with new personalized plans to help the health-conscious stick to their resolutions.

The Canadian Positivity Poll Says:
61% are making a resolution
97% say positive attitude helps achieve goals
48% consider themselves positive
46% did not achieve their 2012 resolution
57% Blamed lack of self discipline & motivation for not achieving their 2012 resolution

When it comes to resolution success, the poll revealed that Canadians were almost evenly split between success and failure in 2012. In her psychotherapy practice, Ms. Khan works with people every day to help them change their attitudes to find success in all areas of life. She agrees that negative thinking can sabotage your weight management efforts and says positive thinking is critical in New Year's resolution success.

"I see it constantly in my practice - there is a real link between positivity and the ability to successfully achieve goals," says Ms. Khan. "Weight management is a big resolution goal for 2013 and Special K research shows that women who think positively about their weight management are more likely to succeed with their weight loss efforts. Not only are they more successful, they are actually eight times less likely to gain weight than women who think negatively about their weight management.*"

Canada's cup might be half full, but nearly a quarter have a negative attitude about weight

When it came to weight management, nearly one quarter (23 per cent) of Canadians had a negative attitude, identifying with statements like "It's a struggle. I'm constantly trying but never seem to make much progress" or "It's too much work and I can't be bothered."

The good news says Ms. Khan is that "the poll shows that only 12 per cent of Canadians were flat out "cup is half empty" or "cup is empty" thinkers, 48 per cent were positive and 40 per cent were balanced. Many Canadians do have a positive attitude and I'm going to show you how to harness that positivity to achieve your resolution in 2013."

Defeat the defeatist attitude and succeed

Of Canadians who made a resolution for 2012, 46 per cent failed. The primary reasons were attitude - lack of discipline or motivation. Fifty seven per cent of Canadians cited these reasons, and the figure was higher among women - 63 per cent.

"Positive thinking is so powerful because it puts us into a position of power and into the driver's seat of our own life; what you focus on will manifest because your actions support your thoughts." says Ms. Khan. "Discipline and motivation, two big challenges for Canadians making resolutions, can be fueled by positive thinking."

Ms. Khan offers five tips on how to think more positively:

  1. Catch negative thoughts before they take over, don't feed them!
    • Dismiss thoughts like "I'll never achieve my weight management goal"

  2. Reframe thoughts to the positive
    • "I get to go to the gym" versus "I have to"

  3. Live in the present: don't dwell on the past or worry about the future, focus on the now
    • "I'm eating well and exercising and I'm proud of what I can do!"

  4. Surround yourself with positive people
    • The Special K research showed that women who lost or maintained weight were three times as likely to rely on friends as a form of support*, positive people can help you stay on track

  5. Remember the external world is a perception of your internal world - which you can control
    • Another finding from the Special K research is that women who think positively about weight management were more likely to put a stop to negative conversations about their own or others bodies* - you can be the positive influence!

Caving into cravings

Lack of self discipline was the number one reason why Canadians didn't achieve their resolution last year. Managing cravings is an act of self discipline for those embarking on a weight management program. "Cravings got the best of me" was noted as the third most popular reason Canadians failed at their resolution.

"It's a lot easier to be disciplined about your weight management resolution if you have a plan," Ms. Khan explains. "First think positive and then take advantage of resources out there to develop and support your plan. For example, Special K has brand new free personalized plans designed to align with your lifestyle. And it's now easier than ever to satisfy hunger and cravings while controlling portion size with Special K cereals, snacks, and new breakfast sandwiches and protein shakes."

Start your day on a positive note with a healthy breakfast!

Special K personalized plans match your lifestyle from breakfast, noon to night:

  • Quick and Easy: Great for people on-the-go. Tried and true menus that are as easy as they are tasty
  • Loads of Variety: Geared to foodies, a flavourful palette that keeps you interested
  • Always Veggie: Fresh and tasty meatless options that deliver a protein punch
  • In addition to meal plans, the system offers great tips and fitness plans with more information on food, fitness, fashion and beauty, with personalized articles and tools designed to keep people positive and motivated
  • Sign up at myspecialk.ca

Dream on!

When asked what their dream resolution would be if it was guaranteed to happen next year, almost one quarter of Canadians chose "Have My Dream Body" second only to "Have My Dream Lifestyle" (30 per cent). The dream job, dream romantic relationship and dream holiday were tied for third most popular (approx 9 per cent each)."

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About the Special K Canadian Positivity Poll

From November 21st to November 23rd 2012 an online survey was conducted among 2,506 randomly selected Canadian adults who are Angus Reid Forum panelists. The margin of error-which measures sampling variability-is +/- 1.96%, 19 times out of 20. From November 27th to November 28th 2012 a second survey was conducted among 1,000 randomly selected Canadian adults who are Angus Reid Forum panelists. The margin of error-which measures sampling variability-is +/- 3.1%, 19 times out of 20. The results have been statistically weighted according to the most current education, age, gender and region Census data to ensure a sample representative of the entire adult population of Canada. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding.

About the New Special K Research

*The Special K Study "Positivity and Weight Management: A Look at the Gains" produced by Edelman Berland, is based on quantitative data collected from a national telephone survey of 1,004 weight conscious women, ages 25-54 in the United States. The sample was broken out by those with a positive and negative approach by screening participants for specific weight management attitudes and behaviors, including how they view themselves and others. The interviews were conducted August 29th - September 18th, 2012. The margin of error for this sample is +/- 3.1% at the 95% confidence level.

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