SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 20, 2012) - Independent distributor of personal care and nutritional goods Herbalife saw its stock prices plummet 13% today after hedge fund manager Bill Ackman announced that he has taken a short position within the company. To further complicate matters for Herbalife, Ackman, who is the founder of Pershing Capital Management, will present a previously under wraps investment idea to the financial community today December 20, 2012.

According to representatives at Reputation Management Cheetah, this would be the perfect time for Herbalife to employ the services of an outstanding Online Reputation Management (ORM) firm. By doing so, they'll be able to minimize the impact of Ackman's statements that Herbalife is nothing more than an elaborate "pyramid scheme," which CEO Michael Johnson adamantly denies according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

Thanks to the Internet, web users can access the latest news surrounding a company with just a few short keystrokes. If that news is negative or unsavory, these potential consumers will likely develop an unfavorable opinion of the company, and take their business elsewhere. The amount of business lost from just one scandalous listing could have potentially disastrous results, sometimes forcing the company out of business altogether. Reputation Management Cheetah functions by eliminating these harmful listings from the web and replaces them with positive ones based on facts and truth. This can end up saving a company's bottom line by making any negative information nearly impossible to find on the web thanks to services provided by the Cheetah group.

Reputation Management Cheetah has established its own reputation by assisting companies currently under fire, much like Herbalife is now. By eradicating Ackman's outrageous remarks from the front page of Google, Bing and Yahoo search results, the company will, as one representative stated, "be given the chance to rebound from today's disaster."

When asked if the team is up to the task of restoring Herbalife's reputation in the wake of Ackman's remarks, an agent at Reputation Management Cheetah responded by saying, "Not only can we present Herbalife in a positive, truthful manner, but we can do so mitigating any more severe damage."

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