NORTH BILLERICA, MA--(Marketwire - Jan 2, 2013) - MV Products is offering a portable degassing system that is self-contained on a mobile cart, operates on standard electrical power, and is ready to use for a variety of laboratory, research, and production applications.

The MV Portable Degassing System features a 15-gallon 314 stainless steel vacuum chamber, with a 1-1/2" clear Lucite® hinged cover for full contents viewing, and a single stage rotary vane 15 CFM vacuum pump. Totally self-contained on a mobile cart with locking casters, this degassing system has a laminate table top, easily accessible front controls, vacuum gauge, and operates on 115 VAC for plug-and-play use anywhere around a facility.

Ideal for degassing, encapsulating, potting, and drying applications, the MV Portable Degassing System includes an inlet trap to protect the vacuum pump and an oil mist eliminator for the pump exhaust. Options include two stage rotary vane and diaphragm pumps, explosion-proof motors, and a rotary motion feed-through for stirring and contents manipulation.

The MV Portable Degassing System is priced from $7,495.00. They can be built to special customer requirements. Pricing is available on request.

About Mass-Vac, Inc.

Protecting vacuum pumps, people and the environment, Mass-Vac, Inc. was founded in 1971 to serve customers in need of vacuum pump support and service. After years of field experience rebuilding vacuum pumps and analyzing the reasons why they failed, along with extensive research and development, the MV Products division was created. MV Products manufactures a complete line of vacuum inlet traps, exhaust traps, mist eliminators, and oil filtration systems for a wide range of manufacturing, laboratory, and commercial applications including universities and hospitals.

Mass-Vac, Inc. specializes in solving the process contamination problems associated vacuum systems that are used with processes such as MOCVD, HVPE, PECVD, or LPCVD which generate high volumes of particulates. These processes, of course, are used in manufacturing green products such as solar cells, HB-LEDs, and Li-Ion batteries. Mass-Vac, Inc. is an active member of SEMI and the American Vacuum Society.

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