NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jan 2, 2013) - Personal trainers, dieticians, and even doctors have discovered an effective way to motivate their clients to get in shape: weight loss competitions. Nearly half of all New Year's resolutions are about setting health-related goals* and social-media savvy health/wellness pros looking to help clients achieve these goals -- in January and beyond -- are turning to DietBet for a boost. This social dieting website and app lets organizers -- health/wellness experts and others -- host their own Biggest Loser-style competitions for free.

From Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit
Drew Manning, personal trainer and author of the New York Times bestseller, Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit, is now encouraging his fans and followers to participate in a Fit2Fat2Fit DietBet to help them shed pounds together. Manning is widely known for purposely gaining and then losing 70 pounds to fully experience the physical and emotional struggles his clients face. His fascinating journey has been documented in his book and via dozens of media outlets -- from Good Morning America to The View to CNN. In his latest effort to help clients and fans, he'll host his own DietBet game, starting on 1/7, and will provide guidance and motivation to players throughout the competition. Anyone can join his game.

"Two of the most important principles I preach on my site and in my book are accountability and support. DietBet offers both," said Manning. "Throughout the game players have a built-in support network to share photos and post about accomplishments -- and setbacks. There's a team of people watching and you have 'skin in the game,' so your chances of success are much, much higher."

The rules for a DietBet are simple. Players each bet money into the pot ($50 apiece in the case of the Fit2Fat2Fit game) and everyone who ends up losing four percent of their starting weight splits the pot equally at the end of the four weeks. Unlike The Biggest Loser, DietBet is not winner-take-all; there can be many winners. Of the thousands of people who have played the game to date, 90 percent have lost weight.

YouTube Fitness Guru Embraces Social Dieting
Sarah Dussault (aka "SarahFit"), a personal trainer certified through ACSM and one of Teen Vogue's "Top 5 fitness gurus to follow on YouTube," has been a weight loss and fitness leader on social media, with over 110 million views of her coaching videos. In 2011, she became one of the first celebrity trainers to lead a DietBet. After two games with over $10,000 in prizes in 2012, Sarah is kicking off her biggest DietBet on 1/10

*according to a recent survey by online broker TD Ameritrade

Fitness Fanatics Team up to Succeed
Additionally, FitFluential, a network of the country's most influential fitness bloggers, is kicking off a DietBet on January 21. The FitFluential DietBet will be hosted by a dozen "FitFluential Ambassadors," whose expertise and passions range from yoga and running to holistic health coaching. All of the Ambassadors will be available during the game as virtual coaches, giving players tips, recipes, and encouragement.

"If you're determined to lose that excess weight DietBetting offers a whole new way to approach your New Year's resolution. By adding financial incentives, peer support, and professional coaching, you've set yourself up to succeed like never before," said Jamie Rosen, DietBet's CEO. "We're delighted to see so many professionals in the health and wellness community embrace DietBet as a tool to bring together and motivate their clients. With all these personal trainers, registered dieticians, life coaches, and gym owners setting up DietBets among their clients, the results this year are going to be extraordinary."

About DietBet
DietBet is a social dieting company that is pioneering a whole new way to lose weight. It brings people together to lose weight as a community instead of the traditional way of dieting alone. And, it's working. With DietBet, 90 percent of players lose weight, with an average of over five pounds in four weeks. The game is simple: lose four percent of your weight in four weeks and you win. DietBet was founded by Jamie Rosen and was launched in January 2012. DietBet players come from across the globe -- with more than 45 countries represented thus far. Find DietBet on Facebook and Twitter. A mobile app is also available.