BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Jan 14, 2013) - Votacall, the leading Hosted VoIP Provider, today announced that Performance Plus, a consumer market research company and focus facility operator, has selected the Votacall Hosted VoIP PBX as communications solution for their offices and facilities across New England. 

Performance Plus operates focus facilities, mall intercepts and other field research facilities in several New England locations. The organization's nature required a communications solution that was both cost effective and flexible. It was clear that an on-premise phone system would not be the best solution for a company requiring not just end-user mobility, but facility mobility. Performance Plus researched the Business VoIP market and determined that the Votacall Hosted VoIP Phone System addressed their needs in a cost effective manner.

Performance Plus was in need of a flexible solution that could be moved seamlessly to new focus facilities without losing a single phone call. "Votacall VoIP allows our organization to move our staffed focus groups facilities to accommodate new products and clients," said Norm Beaudet, Chief Financial Officer. "We now have the flexibility to move our focus facilities to gather research from different demographics and our phone system and phone number moves with us. That flexibility is a huge value for our organization."

Performance Plus has offices throughout New England with the Corporate Headquarters located in Framingham, Massachusetts. With a distributed workforce, connectivity amongst locations became a critical need for the organization. Performance Plus faced the challenge of finding a solution that could seamlessly connect offices and employees regardless of physical location in a cost effective manner. "With Votacall, we communicate efficiently across our many locations," adds Beaudet. "We have the ability to call our colleagues and transfer our clients as if we are all working under one roof utilizing the same phone system. To accomplish this with our previous phone system, we would have had to make substantial investments in hardware, carrier services and support contracts. With Votacall, this functionality is built in, making it truly the most cost effective solution without sacrificing functionality."

The Votacall Hosted VoIP PBX has changed the way Performance Plus communications as a business and the solution has shown a savings of nearly 50% on their monthly telecommunications expenses. With Votacall VoIP, our clients benefit from a flexible, fully managed solution with built in Enterprise functionality at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry. Think Big, Go Votacall!

About Performance Plus
Performance Plus operates focus facilities, mall intercepts and other research facilities in several New England locations. Our Framingham headquarters can accommodate several large concurrent studies. Our flagship downtown Boston location at historic Faneuil Hall is the fourth highest traffic destination in the country! This location ensures access to millions of respondents just outside our door. Our modern facilities can be configured in any number of options to best suit our clients' varied needs. Sound recruiting and data integrity is of paramount importance in the research field and our cadre of dedicated recruiters ensures quality results. So when peace of mind, ease of use, and integrity matter, the choice is obvious. Performance Plus. For more information, visit

About Votacall
Votacall is a leading provider of Hosted VoIP and cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Votacall is committed to delivering the latest best in class offerings to our end users through constant market and product research. Our approach allows our customer base to stay ahead of the technological curve at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry. The Votacall Cloud product suite is fully managed and through the delivery of innovative Cloud applications, we aim to enhance the end-user experience. The Votacall tag line states our vision; you must INNOVATE to effectively COMMUNICATE. We base our organization and its daily operations on those two words. The world is changing, technology is changing, organizations are changing, it is of the utmost significance that you partner with a company that respects and embraces change. Think Big, Go Votacall. For more information, visit

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