FARGO, N.D., Jan. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From snow shoveling to winter sports injuries, Fargo chiropractor Dr. Paul Bekkum is educating patients about the benefits of chiropractic care for pain management. Dr. Bekkum of All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center advises winter sports enthusiasts to take precautions before hitting the slopes, as skiing and snowboarding injuries can cause serious trauma to the musculoskeletal system. Should injuries occur, chiropractic care can help restore proper alignment to the spine and extremities and naturally manage pain. Adjustments are also effective for sprained or strained muscles following snow shoveling, an accidental slip on an icy sidewalk, and other winter-related injuries.

Before hitting the slopes this winter, Fargo chiropractor Dr. Paul Bekkum is cautioning winter sports enthusiasts to be safe and seek immediate treatment should an injury occur.

"While fun, many winter sports also place the body in danger," said Dr. Bekkum. "Even skilled skiers and snowboarders can suffer a bad spill on the slopes. After a sports accident, prompt treatment is important for preventing long-term injuries and chronic pain."

Some skiing and snowboarding accidents can cause whiplash injuries to the cervical spine, with other falls may result in a herniated disc in the lower back. Without proper treatment, these spinal injuries can cause chronic back and neck pain.

"We always advise patients who have sustained a fall while skiing or snowboarding to seek immediate treatment," said Dr. Bekkum. "The faster we can diagnose a misalignment, the more we can do to prevent scar tissue from forming."

Dr. Bekkum is also reminding Fargo residents that winter injuries can happen away from the slopes. Shoveling snow or slipping on an icy sidewalk can cause spinal trauma that is just as serious as a skiing or snowboarding injury.

"All accident injuries need to be taken seriously, whether they happen on the slopes or on the sidewalk," said Dr. Bekkum. "Once a spinal misalignment occurs, chiropractic care is essential to restoring proper alignment. Otherwise, as long as the spine and extremities remains misaligned, patients will continue to experience pain."

An accident injury may cause a vertebra to slip out of alignment, compressing nearby nerves. Not only can this compression trigger pain, but Dr. Bekkum says that this nerve compression can also interfere with the nervous system's ability to properly send and receive messages from the brain. Accident victims are at greater risk for additional injuries, and may also suffer from fatigue and low-grade illnesses.

Spinal adjustments are an effective pain management solution because adjustments address the underlying cause for pain, rather than simply masking this pain with medication.

To reduce the risk for winter sports injuries, Dr. Bekkum recommends strength and conditioning exercises. Agility and flexibility exercises strengthen the body and help reduce the risk for injury on the slopes.

Patients may learn more about natural pain management for winter injuries by visiting http://drpaulbekkum.com.

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