Canadian Forces Training in Northern Ontario

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 8, 2013) - Approximately 1,500 Canadian Army regular and reserve force soldiers, Royal Canadian Air Force personnel, and Canadian Rangers from across Ontario will be training in the vicinity of Cochrane, Fraserdale and Moosonee, Ontario, from February 8 to 26, as part of Exercise TRILLIUM RESPONSE 2013.

The exercise is designed to increase the operational readiness by providing a realistic and challenging scenario for the personnel of Joint Task Force Central (JTFC) in order to enhance their knowledge and skills in a remote area during winter months.

The Royal Canadian Air Force will be supporting the exercise by providing airlift of troops and equipment as well as aerial surveillance. The military aircraft and crews are from Royal Canadian Air Force squadrons based in Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

"Exercises such as TRILLIUM RESPONSE 2013 are an im portant way to practice winter skills and remain prepared to assist Canadians when and where needed," said Brig.-Gen. Omer Lavoie, Commander JTFC. "The men and women of the Canadian Forces (CF) are proud and ready to assist fellow Canadians with rapid reaction and immediate effect on the ground as required in order to provide assistance to citizens and communities," he added.

Each year, JTFC, conducts a major field training exercise in the province of Ontario to test its ability to provide military assistance to civil authorities. Named the TRILLIUM RESPONSE series of exercises, these address a range of scenarios under varying environmental conditions. Exercise TRILLIUM RESPONSE 2013 provides a realistic and challenging scenario for JTFC personnel by testing command and control mechanisms while working in a remote area of Northern Ontario.

Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) is the CF formation committed to the protection of Canadians at home and abroad, along with safeguarding Canadian Values and interests. Joint Task Force Central is the CJOC Regional Joint Task Force responsible for the conduct of all routine and contingency domestic operations in Ontario.

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