Local Firm Joins National Phone Carrier System

Lawrenceville, Georgia, UNITED STATES

Grayson, Feb. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phone customers across north Georgia now have access to IntelaCloud's state-of-the-art data center providing nationwide phone service.   IntelaCloud is proud to announce Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions as our certified partner in the Grayson, GA area. 

Owner David Williams says that, "Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions is here to help your company achieve its goals.  With the competitive nature of business constantly changing, it is important that companies invest more carefully than ever. Understanding the impact Information Technology has on your investments is crucial to achieving success, and that is where our expertise can come into play."

When asked about why to switch to the new phone system, David responded with, "in the past, companies would buy servers, a phone system, computers, and phone lines from the leading telephone providers. However, the telephone industry is beginning to revolutionize, leaving those confusing and unreliable corporations behind. With our modern phone solutions, all of that complicated equipment can simply go by the wayside. Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions will provide your firm with a more reliable and less expensive solutions.

But it is not necessary to purchase brand new equipment.  The system we supply can replace the expensive phone lines provided by the big phone carriers at a quarter of the cost.  For most customers, we are seeing a decrease on the phone bill of over 30%, while providing more robust services.

Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions not only offers high-quality phone services, but also offers impeccable customer support. Because we value you as a business partner, our customer service representatives focus exclusively on providing you with top-notch support. We will invest whatever resources are necessary to keep your company in service and your budget on track. Our success is measured only by the success and satisfaction of our customers."

To better understand the makeup of the managers and operators of Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions, David says, "Our team is composed of owners and business operators located throughout the United States who have backgrounds in telecommunications, network design, computer support, healthcare information technology, and operations industries.  The combination of our diverse backgrounds and experience has taught us exactly what it takes to operate a successful company, and we are more than honored to earn your business and trust.

By partnering with IntelaCloud, we are proudly able to offer an affordable and flexible local business phone solution to the Grayson area.  We are looking forward to expanding the IntelaCloud Cloud Hosted Solutions Network one satisfied customer at a time."

For more information on Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions, please visit our website at www.cchostingsolutions.com, or call David directly at 678.901.4401.

For more information on IntelaCloud, please visit our website at www.intelacloud.com. If you are interested in information about our Partner Alliance Program, please visit our website at www.intelacloud.com/alliance.


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