PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Feb 19, 2013) - American Tinnitus Association (ATA) member Donna Brown will climb Mt. Hood to raise funds for tinnitus research with the support of SoundCure and many others. For more information and to contribute to the "Summit for Silence," click here.

Brown, 61, scaled Mt. Rainer in 2007 and raised $350,000 for the ATA. On July 11, 2013, she will begin her two-day, 11,250 foot climb to the top of Mt. Hood.

"I'm hoping to raise or even exceed the money we raised in 2007," Brown said.

Since 1996, Brown has endured the constant 'ringing in the ears' sound of tinnitus.

"I began to hear this shrill, whistling noise in my ears that, on a scale of one to 10, was definitely a 10," Brown said. "I have suffered untold anguish over the years; tinnitus changed every aspect of my life. Most people don't realize that just because our tinnitus isn't visible doesn't mean we're not severely affected by this problem."

"But I have chosen to live my life to the fullest even though I have been dealt these cards. The gift I have discovered is my connection with the ATA and the people dealing with this condition. Climbing for a cure seemed most appropriate since it requires me to stay in the present moment and focus on getting up and back down the mountain -- not on my tinnitus."

"It is inspirational to see Donna's efforts and success in raising funds and awareness for tinnitus research," said Bill Perry, SoundCure CEO. "We encourage others to donate to this effort, and applaud Donna and others involved in these types of efforts."

SoundCure was formed as the result of an ATA research grant awarded to researchers at the University of California, Irvine who developed sound therapy tones now known as S-Tones®, available on SoundCure's device, Serenade®. Many patients who have tried Serenade have found relief. 

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