PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 19, 2013) - Zingaya, developer of scalable, web-based VoIP applications for use on enterprise and e-commerce websites, today announced that the Zingaya click-to-call widget is now available to all conference call attendees using

Users of FreeConferenceCallHD now have the opportunity to dial in to their free conference calls through the FreeConferenceCallHD website itself. A conference call attendee can connect to their call with a single click through the website, instantly joining their line to other attendees.

The web-based call option is no different than if attendees connected through a landline or cell phone, and other attendees can still connect to the same call via a phone. Additionally, attendees can call in from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

"FreeConferenceCallHD has always had an ear for making audio conferencing as simple and convenient as possible for users," said Alexey Aylarov, CEO of Zingaya. "By implementing the Zingaya click-to-call technology, conference call attendees can reach the next step in convenience -- they'll never have to leave the FreeConferenceCallHD website while making their call."

"Over the 11-plus years we have offered conference calling, has focused on reliability and innovation," said founder and CEO, David Erickson. "We know that our customers will benefit from the added flexibility of the click-to-call technology."

Zingaya enables VoIP calls without a phone or a download. For example, e-commerce companies and other customer-focused organizations can embed a widget on their website that allows their customers to simply click a button to start speaking to a live customer agent. The customer speaks through their browser, instantly. The customer agent answers the call on their end as if the call came from a regular phone.

About Zingaya

Zingaya empowers website visitors to call into contact centers with a single click from their browser. No phone or download is required. Zingaya offers website operators this seamless voice calling functionality to enhance overall customer experience, accelerate resolutions, improve conversion rates and increase average order values. Zingaya is a private, professionally financed technology company founded by VoIP experts. For more information, visit

About, the largest privately held conferencing provider in the United States, provides conference calling services to over 20 million callers a month. The company's reliable, high quality, reservation-less audio conferencing service is used to connect over 200 million calls a year around the world.'s pioneering all-digital network is built on proprietary media servers. A major milestone for took place during the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, when both President Obama and Senator McCain's campaigns chose to communicate with their supporters nationwide. StartMeeting ( is the new service from the creators of StartMeeting combines real-time desktop sharing with integrated audio conferencing, offering state of the art features such as meeting recording and a customizable Meeting Wall. This innovative and robust audio and web conferencing service is priced significantly less than similar services. was founded in 2001 and is based in Long Beach, California.

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