NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 20, 2013) - ProHatch, a leader in promoting expertise and education to the emerging crowdfunding sector, and provider of a one-of-a-kind Phase-To-Raise™ crowdfunding platform, today announced the launch of its 2013 Online Crowdfunding Incubator Program. The Online Crowdfunding Incubator is designed to provide FREE business intelligence, consultation and training to social and business entrepreneurs on how to effectively prepare concepts and businesses for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

All entrepreneurs can NOW register for the program by visiting Registration runs from February 20th - March 15th. Moreover, ProHatch's 2013 Online Incubator Program will broadcast in a three part series running Monday - March 18th; Wednesday - March 20; and Friday - March 22 at 11am-12pm eastern -- so sign up today.

"The ProHatch team welcomes everyone who is interested in using crowdfunding as a means of capital formation to participate in our Online Crowdfunding Incubator Program called Coffee & The Crowd," said Liz Kulik, Co-Founder of ProHatch. "Entrepreneurs will be able to join us for three information packed hours over three days, and get a wealth of expertise and insights from business and crowdfunding leaders, as well as learn if donation, reward or equity based crowdfunding is right for their business."

The Online Crowdfunding Incubator Program for ALL entrepreneurs includes:

  • A Free Training/Educational Series called "Coffee & The Crowd" - an online webinar training program series that gives participants and opportunity to enjoy a free cup of Starbucks coffee, compliments of ProHatch, while being educated on the latest information about crowdfunding and business preparation by both ProHatch and industry experts. The training courses will take place over the course of 1 week, with 3 hour long webinars on Monday-3/18, Wednesday-3/20, and Friday-3/22 at 11am eastern. Topics will include things like Crowdfunding 101 & The JOBS Act, How to Enhance Your Projects, How To Prepare Your Business, and Using Social Media To Build Your Crowd.

In addition, from all those who participate in the Online Crowdfunding Incubator program, ProHatch will select fifty entrepreneurs who have chosen ProHatch as their crowdfunding platform, to earn a scholarship for participation in an extended Incubation Program that will run concurrently with their ProHatch Crowdfunding Campaign. As part of the extended Incubation Program, ProHatch will deliver an array of Advisory Services including additional training opportunities, free access to a social media and publicity platform, and several hours of free business consultation.

The ProHatch Scholarship for additional Advisory Services for the 50 selected participants will include:

  • Free One-on-One Business and Crowdfunding Consulting - gain expertise and insights directly from the ProHatch team that are customized for each business and management team, and, that uses the Phase-to-Raise campaign. Entrepreneurs who are awarded scholarships will receive an hour of consultation for each of the 30 day phases in their project for up to three phases -- for example, a feasibility study phase, design concept phase and a prototype phase. Of course, actual types of phases will vary by project.

  • FREE access to Enhance My Visibility a step-by-step publicity execution system that incorporates all of the tools, templates, and expert knowledge needed to help companies gain the visibility for supporting their crowdfunding campaigns. This service will be provided at no cost while your campaign is running on ProHatch.

Another key advantage of the 2013 Online Crowdfunding Incubator program is that it allows businesses to learn more about ProHatch's unique Phase-To-Raise™ crowdfunding process -- a one-of-a-kind approach in the industry. Phase-To-Raise™ delivers a high-level of social, business and financial transparency and accountability to entrepreneurs, investors and donors participating in crowdfunding. Phase-To-Raise helps protect investor/donor risk by requiring business owners and entrepreneurs to deliver three milestone reports tracking how funds awarded were used to execute the plan being funded. Milestone Reports provide visual proof of a project's ongoing post funding execution using Social Media videos, narrative and photos. Phase-to-Raise is the only platform that delivers funding to entrepreneurs for their business ideas every 30 days, instead of waiting for long periods of time to actually realize funding at the end of a campaign. Phase-To-Raise™ offers "All-or-Nothing" funding for business and personal projects and "Everything Funds" for philanthropy projects -- and -- takes projects through four key steps...Build, Broadcast, Fund and Deliver.

Moreover, ProHatch is currently seeking small business and personal projects for acceptance on their platform and/or for acceptance into their Incubator Program that fall into one of their eight funding channels, including:

Business & Invention
Health & Wellness
Planet & Resources
Arts & Entertainment
Community & Education
Sports & Athletes
Philanthropy & Causes
Tech & Communications

Small businesses and entrepreneurs can NOW register for the 2013 Crowdfunding Incubator program, or learn more information about ProHatch, by visiting today.

ProHatch is an accredited crowdfunding platform and incubator where Projects Hatch & Grow. The company offers an alternative method to small businesses and philanthropy organizations wanting to fund their projects and ideas by using the power of the crowd and their innovative Phase-to-Raise™ donations & rewards-based crowdfunding process.

The ProHatch platform acts as a powerful engine for creating and capitalizing both social and business projects across eight funding channels, including Business & Invention, Health & Wellness, Planet & Resources, Arts & Entertainment, Community & Education, Sports & Athletes, Philanthropy & Causes and Tech & Communications. The company's mission is to channel the overlapping relationships between people's business, philanthropy and personal endeavors as they create, support and fund responsible social and economic development.

Whether you are trying to get a new idea off the ground, grow your existing business, or fundraise for one of many social causes, ProHatch welcomes the opportunity to assist you throughout the entire capital raise process.