ANCHORAGE, AK--(Marketwire - Feb 20, 2013) - According to court documents on behalf of the plaintiff, Ms. Ofelia Day took her vehicle to the Rainmaker Touchless Car Wash at 8900 Lake Otis Parkway near Abbott Road in Anchorage, Alaska on March 4, 2011. After she had entered, the automated car wash closed without initiating the wash sequence. Ms. Day was trapped, and eventually had no choice but to leave her vehicle in an attempt to get out. She discovered that the car wash was unattended and no one was available to help her. When she tried to escape, she slipped in soapy water and suffered a serious injury. Her ankle twisted and fractured as she fell. She was trapped for some time before she was ultimately taken to a nearby hospital.

The next afternoon, Ms. Day attempted to alert the defendant of the incident and the details including her medical condition, but was only able to reach an automated phone message system. When finally reached, the owners denied responsibility and blamed Ms. Day.

Barber & Banker filed suit on behalf of Ms. Day in the Superior Court for the State of Alaska in the Third Judicial District, Case No. 3AN-12-05037 CI. Ultimately, Barber & Banker convinced the owners to take responsibility, and they agreed to pay Ms. Day $125,000 for her injury, rather than face a jury.

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