SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 21, 2013) - Today, Android smartphone users can rejoice: News360's popular news and entertainment discovery app is rolling out a new version available for free download from Google Play. Delivering a balanced news diet that ensures you're not just entertained, but also expanding your horizons with intelligent, serendipitous discovery, News360 for Android is the sleekest tool for tackling the Web's content overload problem head on. News360 analyzes your in-app and online behavior to serve you the headlines you need with the personalized news and entertainment you want.

News360's transformation of the news-gathering experience is the first step towards a scenario in which personalization technology enriches everything we do online and on mobile devices: activities like reading, e-commerce, travel, meeting people and more. By developing a proprietary interest graph that maps your relationships to more than one million topics, people, places and things, News360 will be able to enhance many aspects of its users' lives by making relevant, highly-personalized connections.

"As we push the capabilities of our platform and gather more information about the way people consume content, we're uncovering newer and better ways to deliver relevant, highly-personalized, useful information to our users," said Roman Karachinsky, CEO, News360. "This release for Android marks the last in the series of rollouts of our new personalization technology, bringing a brand new interface completely rewritten to take advantage of the latest and greatest Android features."

So, how will the new News360 for Android phones transform your life? Glad you asked!

  • Escape the Social Discovery Echo-Chamber: We don't just organize your Facebook and Twitter feeds in a pretty frame, nor do we serve you articles just because your friends or followers liked them. We analyze your actions within your social cloud to understand your personality, and make predictions about the types of content you'd enjoy. Connect social accounts to News360 and we'll build a reader that's tailored precisely for you, putting each story under the microscope to make sure it's the perfect match for you -- not your friends.
  • Better With Age: Your News360 learns more about you as you use it, improving feeds as you read, share and like articles. You'll grow more fond of each other as time goes by.
  • Home Is Where the News Is: A single integrated "Home" feed serves as a one-stop shop for discovering the news that's most important. The home feed delivers all the headline news you need to know as a responsible, informed citizen of the world, as well as the niche stories you want from your personalized categories and subscriptions, so that you don't need to switch between different media channels to stay on top of the news.
  • Pretty on the Outside, Too: An entirely redesigned interface provides a quicker, sleeker browsing experience. Smart and pretty? It's like the Natalie Portman of news apps.
  • Android Optimized: We're all unique snowflakes, and we want our mobile devices and apps to reflect that. News360 for Android has been optimized for the platform, sporting distinct features such as expandable push notifications and the ability to add the app to your lock screen -- making the entire experience beautiful and seamless.

Still don't believe us? News360 recently received the 2012 World Summit Award in Media & News, earned stellar reviews in the New York Times' App Smart column with the launch of the latest News360 for Android Tablets and wowed tech insiders and enthusiasts with the debut of its beautiful and intelligent redesign. Check us out on Google Play and discover for yourself why people love the new News360.

About News360
News360 is a personalized news discovery platform for smartphones, tablets and the Web that helps you uncover high quality, relevant articles about the day's top headlines and your specific interests and hobbies. News360 is a tool that filters through the influx of online content to surface what matters most, ensuring that you're always well-informed about the news that's most relevant to you. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, News360 individually tailors newsfeeds for each user and continues to fine-tune its personalization algorithm the more you use it.

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