REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 21, 2013) - ASSIA, Inc., a leading solutions company for broadband service providers, today announced the launch of ASSIA Expresse Solutions, a new portfolio of software and professional services fully integrated to empower service providers to grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies.

As consumers increasingly demand high-bandwidth services for cloud-based applications, online gaming, video, and mobile devices, service providers are challenged to respond with reliable, high-performance networks and high levels of customer care. In response, ASSIA has crafted a suite of Expresse Solutions designed to enable service providers to build competitive advantage and improve customer loyalty.

Within this new portfolio, the Customer Empowerment solution provides innovative capabilities that help personalize the service for the subscriber. In addition, Customer Experience Management, Customer Care Automation, and Next-Generation Networks solutions help service providers meet the critical challenges of growing revenues, delivering an exceptional customer experience, and improving operational efficiencies.

Expresse Solutions are customized to the specific needs of each service provider, and are based on ASSIA's experience in optimizing network performance and business processes for leading service providers around the globe.

ASSIA Expresse Solutions are highly scalable and incorporate planning, implementation, testing, and optimization to drive corporate objectives and critical business metrics for increasing revenues and managing costs in heterogeneous network environments. For every engagement, ASSIA experts develop a tailored project plan to address the unique opportunities and challenges faced by each customer and to meet business objectives.

ASSIA employs a data-driven approach as a fundamental element of Expresse Solutions. Through analysis and interpretation of each service provider's unique broadband systems and operational data, Expresse Solutions provide intelligent insight and guidance to deliver measurable success. For customer service, sales, marketing, and network operations, Expresse Solutions facilitate a more informed interaction with the customer and can help identify and resolve issues proactively before the customer notices a problem.

"Modern network infrastructure must support end-to-end solutions, and it forms the basis for emerging offerings and business models," wrote Forrester Research, Inc. principal analyst, Dan Bieler in the December, 2011 report, The Future of Telecom: Strategies To Move Off the Endangered Species List. "Customers will get services, information, and applications from whatever provider has the best service... Telcos must dramatically improve knowledge of and engagement with customers."

ASSIA Expresse Solutions also enable the service provider to customize broadband service to the needs and interests of the subscriber, based on insight gathered from broadband diagnostics and analysis. For example, service providers can leverage Expresse Solutions to optimize the consumer's experience for specific applications, such as over-the-top video or online gaming. This level of service is critical for customer satisfaction, retention, and the service provider's ability to discover opportunities for new services.

"ASSIA Expresse Solutions are a major milestone for ASSIA and an important opportunity to help broadband service providers achieve business objectives for customer empowerment, quality of experience, revenue growth, and innovative service offerings," said Dr. John Cioffi, CEO and chairman of ASSIA. "Our demonstrated expertise in reliable, high-performance broadband services helps global service providers improve their competitive edge and deliver optimal, personalized broadband experiences for consumers."

ASSIA Expresse Solutions are available immediately. To learn more, contact ASSIA sales at

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ASSIA, Inc. is a strategic partner and trusted solutions vendor to broadband service providers worldwide. ASSIA solutions enable providers to grow revenues, increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies, and deliver new multimedia content to the broadband-enabled home. ASSIA has more than 60 million broadband lines under contract with top-tier service providers worldwide and is backed by strategic investors, including AT&T, Mingly China Growth Fund, SFR Development, Sandalwood Partners, Sofinnova Partners, Stanford University, Swisscom Ventures, T-Ventures, and Telefonica. For more information, visit

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"ASSIA" is an acronym for "adaptive spectrum and signal alignment."

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