SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 26, 2013) - Methodics, Inc., the leading provider of integrated solutions used in managing design data and semiconductor intellectual property (IP), today announced its Analog Verification Flow™, a robust and comprehensive design data management system specifically for complex Analog IC design. The flow works seamlessly within the popular Virtuoso® design environment from Cadence Design Systems and provides unmatched control and efficiency for engineers and management.

The new system is being featured at Methodics' exhibit at DVCon 2013, in booth #605.

The Analog Verification Flow is the industry's first test, regression and release methodology specifically for analog designers. It is based on a methodology that has been proven over many years in the digital RTL/DV space and is now optimized to deliver the full power of advanced verification management to the analog space.

With the systems' VersIC™ Verification feature, designers can launch scripted tests right from Cadence Virtuoso design environment -- port checks, abutment checks, DRC, LVS etc. Users and managers can also track a history of test activity. The flow is designed to facilitate seamless communication between team members as well as between designers and managers. The integrated release methodology provides even more efficiency for top-level integrators, making integration runs painless and streamlined.

"Analog design has long been seen as a bit of an ad hoc process and now we are adding new levels of efficiency and structure to the methodology, which is critical as these designs become more complex and design teams more disparate," said Simon Butler, CEO of Methodics. "We are applying many of the same principles which have made our system so popular in the digital world to the needs of analog designers and the result is new levels of automation and productivity for this area."

EVOLVE™ platform and ProjectIC™ also showcased

Methodics will also demonstrate its EVOLVE Digital Design Management platform at DVCon. This platform, now integrated with the Methodics offerings following last year's acquisition of Missing Link Tools, is the industry's only comprehensive design management solution for RTL and DV teams -- providing a SQL based test, regression, release, test-planning and coverage management flow that is successfully deployed at many tier-one design companies.

For further management of design data in SoC design, Methodics will be demonstrating the latest release of its ProjectIC IP management flow. This well-proven system delivers IP cataloging, workspace management, IP event notifications and integrated quality controlled release flows for a comprehensive solution to handling both internal and external IPs across the enterprise.

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Methodics, Inc. is a leading provider of design data management (DM) tools that improve the efficiency and collaboration of integrated circuit (IC) design. Its ProjectIC™ system is the first integrated platform for IP Management and SoC Assembly, reducing the time, complexity and costs involved in IP-based design approaches. Its VersIC™ DM tools integrate industry-standard software configuration management (SCM) tools, such as the Perforce® and Subversion® version control systems into the hardware design environment to provide a more efficient global collaboration experience. The privately held company has offices in the USA, Europe and Asia. For further information, visit

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