QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 26, 2013) - Petrolia (TSX VENTURE:PEA) discloses a toxicological evaluation of the products to be used in the drilling fluids of the Haldimand 4 well. This report has been prepared by a toxicologist from the Environmental health and health at work Department of the Montréal University. None of the products used will present toxicity issues.

At surface casing level, which reaches 210 m, drilling will call upon a fluid which will consist of four products, one of which is water. The toxicity of each of these components ranges from non-existent for water to negligible(1) for the other three products. This part of the well will cross the aquifer, the depth of which does not exceed 50 m in the area.

At intermediate casing level, reaching a depth of 646 m, the drilling fluid will consist of water and a maximum of six products. The toxicity of these products ranges from non-existent (water) to negligible for five products and weak for one product.

Depending on depth, the aquifer is isolated from the well by two to three cemented casings. These casings are placed before drilling proceeds in the oil reservoir.

Last, at oil reservoir level, drilling will use a fluid based on a distilled oil product (mineral oil), toxicity of which is rated as average. Nine products will be added to this base, one of which is water. The remaining eight products have a toxicity ranging from negligible (five products) to weak (three products).

According to Petrolia's President, Mr André Proulx, "this report demonstrates that the fears conveyed by certain persons are simply unfounded. To us, environmental protection is essential, be it during the preparation of the works, their execution or in the choice of products used. At Petrolia, we care about precaution, and this report will provide proof of it".

The toxicology report is available on Petrolia's Internet site at, as well as on the site

(1) Definition as per Larousse dictionary: "which may be neglected, which does not deserve to be taken into account"

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