CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 27, 2013) - For CIOs and business leaders, analytics are now a top priority for creating value from their business data. Historically, analytic activities have been divided within organizations -- between business reporting and data scientists. Today, there is a need for analytic capabilities in between these two extremes that make an immediate business impact and deliver value. To address this need, ParAccel today announced a new analytics program and new analytic functions available on its high-performance analytic platform.

ParAccel is committed to an accelerated rate of innovation in analytics with dedicated development program and a separate release cycle for new analytic functions. In its first release under the new program, ParAccel announced new text, transformation, and "task" analytics. These functions allow users to speed time to analytic value by reducing data preparation and turning formerly complex analysis into simple routines. With the unique integration features of ParAccel's platform, analysts can now execute these new analytic functions on data that is often hidden in Hadoop or data warehouses.

"Every customer who installs ParAccel quickly discovers the potential for analytics on the highest performing analytics engine," said Rich Ghiossi, vice president of marketing at ParAccel. "ParAccel is committed to increasing our investment in analytics, high speed innovation, and continual value creation for our customers."

The new analytic functions include social-aware text analytics to provide immediate insight into social media feeds, warranty files, customer comments, insurance claims, and other text-driven applications. Transformational functions like sessionization and a JSON parser automate high speed alteration of web application data, making it immediately usable for analytics. In addition, task analytics like pattern match and can be used for segmentation, profiling, sentiment, and fraud prevention.

ParAccel has optimized all the analytic functions to be fast, interactive, cost-effective and drive value. The platform already supports over 500 statistical, data mining and finance functions, but emerging use cases demonstrate the need for even more analytics that deliver immediate business value throughout an organization.

The new analytic functions will be generally available within the first half of 2013.

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