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Hudson's Bay (TSX:HBC), formerly known as The Bay, continues in its evolution today after many exciting years of change and innovation in the Canadian retail landscape. To celebrate its past, present and much-anticipated future, Hudson's Bay is launching a new, streamlined logo to reflect the modernized brand while maintaining its deep-rooted history.

The company's first major logo rebrand since 1965, Hudson's Bay is returning to its classic full name with a striking word mark that will be visible on all marketing and media materials, online and in-store displays, plus an additional full-dress version used exclusively for packaging and select materials. A marriage between yesterday's history and tomorrow's vision, the full-dress logo celebrates Hudson's Bay's heritage with the coat of arms, beautifully redrawn by Canadian Mark Summers, and a sleek design developed by Lipman.

"We're very proud to say that Hudson's Bay is continuing to advance in 2013, not only with our new business ventures, but with our updated look," says Tony Smith, Creative Director, HBC. "We've taken what is a very meaningful two-pronged approach to the redesign: maintaining our heritage while modernizing the new Hudson's Bay Company. It's a throwback to our remarkable history and an image for the direction we're heading in."

Branding evolution: A timeline of words, pictures and history

The HBC logo has become a national icon, sustaining years of historical significance while allowing creative change to reflect new phases in the company's saga.

To view the Pre-1965 logo, please click on the following link:

Pre-1965, Black Letter script represented the Hudson's Bay Company's identity. In a time before the digital era, this now definitive logo was one of the most commonly used. HBC developed a highly recognizable and distinguished name, transcending time and upholding a devout following.

To view the 1965 - Present logo, please click on the following link:

A movement to modernize and an expansion into Québec motivated the next phase of branding to The Bay in 1965. The Bay, with the B boldly emphasized, designed by Lippincott & Margulies, was part of a "folk-friendly" transformation after consumers began referring to Hudson's Bay Company by its short-form name. The signature logo spanned more than three decades as the symbol for Canada's longest-standing company.

To view the New, Streamlined Word Mark, Launched in 2013, please click on the following link:

To view the New, Full-Dress Logo, Launched in 2013, please click on the following link:

Today, Hudson's Bay is a representation of true Canadian accomplishment. The last few years have been a defining period, from the creation of The Room, to the launch of Canada's first Topshop and Topman, to the renovation of multiple stores and expansion into the world of ecommerce. Signaling these remarkable undertakings are the updated brand emblems; a stylish word mark for in-store, online, marketing and media materials as the new, true logo and a full-dress coat of arms for packaging and select signature use. With so many significant recent changes and a lush history as a major player in the Canadian business environment, Hudson's Bay's new branding is a testament to the company's longevity and promising future success.

About HBC

The Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), founded in 1670, is North America's longest continually operated company. In Canada, HBC operates Hudson's Bay, Canada's largest department store with 90 locations, unsurpassed in its fashion, beauty, home and accessory designers and brands, as well as HBC also operates Home Outfitters, Canada's largest home specialty superstore with 69 locations across the country. In the United States, HBC operates Lord & Taylor, a department store with 48 full-line store locations throughout the northeastern United States and in two major cities in the Midwest, and With approximately 29,000 Associates in Canada and the U.S., Hudson's Bay Company banners provide stylish, quality merchandise at great value, with a dedicated focus on service excellence. The Hudson's Bay Company trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "HBC".

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