Continuity Control and cbanc Network Partner to Offer Quarterly Regulatory Briefing for Community Financial Institutions

Compliance Innovation Leaders Ease Regulatory Burden for Community Banks

New Haven, Connecticut, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, March 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Continuity Control, a comprehensive regulatory compliance management platform built for community financial institutions, and cbanc Network, a collaboration community for nearly 14,000 banks and credit union users, announced today a partnership to provide the RegAdvisor™ quarterly regulatory briefing through cbanc's WebEd program. RegAdvisor is a one-of-a kind, complimentary event, which delivers practical, useful advice that a financial institution can immediately apply to handling the latest regulatory changes.

"While there are a number of forums throughout the industry that cover specific regulatory items, they typically rehash what the regulation says and don't really help community bankers understand, organize and prioritize all of it," said Andy Greenawalt, founder and CEO of Continuity Control. "In contrast, RegAdvisor provides an in-depth, practical view of the latest compliance requirements and outlines the actions bankers need to take. Through this partnership, the two leading innovators in compliance are helping community banks and credit unions manage the regulatory burden in a far more economic way."

RegAdvisor is presented each quarter via an online Webcast by Continuity Control's compliance experts and will include real-world feedback from cbanc Network's financial institution members. This valuable update will provide a clear explanation of what the most recent regulations mean to an institution, help assess the workload involved and highlight critical actions banks must take to avoid potential penalties.

The Q1 2013 RegAdvisor Briefing is scheduled for April 4th, and will include:

  • An update on final rules, proposed rules and other items across all agencies (FDIC, OCC, Fed, NCUA, CFPB and FinCen).
  • An outline of regulation changes in the areas of CRA, Compliance, IT, Safety & Soundness, Trust and others.
  • A regulatory index, providing an assessment of what these changes will mean in terms of "workload."
  • Trends that will help determine what community financial institution executives should be ready for in the future.
  • Exam Watch – an up-to-date report from bankers on the "hot issues" regulators focused on during their most recent exams.

"RegAdvisor offers bankers a truly unique resource to better understand what they need to do to address the latest regulatory requirements and we look forward to adding this valuable program to the cbanc WebEd curriculum," said Myers Dupuy, president of cbanc Network. "Through our new partnership, the RegAdvisor briefing will now include exam experiences that bankers have shared in cbanc on what examiners have most recently focused on so their peers can better prepare for the regulators."

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