EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND--(Marketwire - Mar 12, 2013) - Online CV certification service Veritas Vitae today announced that is partnering with identity proofing service miiCard to help job seekers prove their true identity to the level of an offline photo ID check, online and in just minutes. This combination of Veritas Vitae and miiCard helps employers and recruiters save time and money in the hiring process by eliminating CV fraud.

"I graduated a number of years ago, so using Veritas Vitae is a great way to prove my qualifications without having to track down old certificates," explained Huw Jones, a job seeker from Edinburgh. "Using miiCard to prove my identity has also been welcomed by a number of the recruitment agencies I use. Together, miiCard and Veritas Vitae help set me apart as having a true and trusted CV."

Veritas Vitae is an online service where candidates register for free to confirm their qualifications and professional memberships. Candidates are awarded a unique reference number that can then be placed on a CV.

"CV fraud costs employers valuable time and money," said Mhairi Fisher, Operations Director of Veritas Vitae. "By linking a verified Veritas Vitae profile with a miiCard identity, we are giving employers the confidence that candidates are who they say they are, and have done what they claim they have. It provides job seekers with a clear differentiator in a tough job market, and helps employers quickly identify the best candidates."

This combined service enables employers and recruiters to confidently interact with potential new hires, saving time and money by eliminating fraud and identifying quality candidates before the interview stage.

"Veritas Vitae is using miiCard as part of an innovative solution that allows recruiters and candidates to begin their relationship from a place of trust," said miiCard CEO James Varga. "In general, online identity fraud is a critical issue that can cost companies millions of dollars in lost time and money. For the online recruitment industry, miiCard allows job hunters to bring their own identity to the job search while employers can leverage miiCard's Identity as a Service platform to confirm a candidate's identity."

miiCard is a Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) service that allows individuals to remain in control of their identity at all times. miiCard is a portable identity with bank level security protections that is completely owned and managed by the user, allowing them to determine which information is shared with specific providers. 

Using the authority and security inherent in a user's online financial accounts to prove identity, miiCard's Level of Assurance 3+ service is able to verify over 350 million individuals across ten countries and five continents today.

About miiCard

miiCard is a global online Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform that establishes true trust online by guaranteeing an individual's identity to the level of an offline photo ID check, completely online and in just minutes. miiCard helps businesses eliminate fraud, reduce manual processing costs, and prevent high rates of dropout when offline identity checks are required. A member-driven service, miiCard empowers consumers to proactively manage their digital identity, build trust online, and trade and transact with confidence. miiCard currently supports the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France and Spain.

About Veritas Vitae

Veritas Vitae is a secure, online platform for the trusted verification of qualifications, professional memberships and accreditations. It is designed to provide an independently verified 'living CV' which has been checked and approved by the owners of schemes, standards and qualifications.

In a few easy steps, graduates and professional candidates can register for free at www.veritasvitae.com. These individuals are then issued with a unique profile number which can be quoted on their CV for employers to check.

Veritas Vitae demonstrates a proactive commitment to preventing CV fraud. Using our service differentiates and protects employers, recruiters and candidates, whilst helping to remove risk from the recruitment process with a fast and cost-effective solution.

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