NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Mar 13, 2013) - Business and legal experts from around the world have crafted a new ICC Model International Sale Contract as an easy-to-use and commercially relevant template for cross-border sales, according to the United States Council for International Business (USCIB).

The new model contract, developed the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), sets out clear and concise standard contractual conditions for the most basic international trade agreement. It is available for purchase in the USCIB International Bookstore. More information is available at

"ICC's new Model Sale Contract is even more user-friendly and flexible than before," said Cynthia Duncan, USCIB's senior vice president for trade services. "What's more, the accompanying CD-ROM is an easy, interactive tool to create custom contracts for companies of all sizes."

Although created for the export of manufactured goods for resale, the model contract can also serve as an example for other types of transactions. One of the model contract's new features is a provision for organizing payment through Bank Payment Obligation, a new instrument for trade settlement developed jointly by the ICC Banking Commission and SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services. The aim is to combine flexibility with the payment security of a Letter of Credit.

The ICC Model International Sale Contract provides clear directions that take sellers and buyers through each step in the process. These steps include: general characteristics of the contract, scope of application, termination of the contract and dispute resolution. Beginners will be aided by the digital version's on-screen guidance, with warning messages appearing if incompatible clauses are selected, or vital fields left blank.

The revised ICC Model International Sale Contract is the latest addition to ICC's widely-acclaimed series of model contracts used by businesses worldwide. All of these are available at the online USCIB International Bookstore,

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