SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 14, 2013) - Save Our Water and the California Urban Water Conservation Council (Council) announced today that the two groups will work together to educate Californians about the need to save water every day, rain or shine. The Council, a partnership of water suppliers, environmental groups, and others interested in conserving water, is embracing Save Our Water, the state's largest water conservation public education program, for statewide public outreach to consumers. 

"Water is a critical resource for California," said Chris Brown, the Council's executive director. "Conserving water at home is an easy way to stretch the state's water supply. Save Our Water does an excellent job of teaching Californians how to make water conservation a daily habit. We are delighted to step up our support of this program and take the Save Our Water message to even more Californians."

Save Our Water was launched in 2009 by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) as a joint program to help people permanently reduce their everyday water usage. In addition, the program is supporting local water agencies as they work toward the state-mandated goal of reducing water consumption 20% by 2020. Because Save Our Water's research has found that Californians believe they use more water indoors than outdoors (the opposite is true), outdoor water conservation is a major focus of the statewide program.  

"Our goal was to develop a statewide umbrella campaign that would complement local and regional programs with broad messaging," said Jennifer Persike, ACWA's deputy executive director for external affairs and operations. "One of the best ways our program can reach people is through local water agencies and other conservation-minded groups. Partnering with the Council will help Save Our Water reach even more Californians."

Save Our Water and the Council will combine efforts to maximize public outreach in regards to household water conservation. For example, the Council will create a section on its website that will allow its members to access Save Our Water tools and information. Council members and Save Our Water will also work in concert this spring and summer to educate California homeowners and renters about water-wise irrigation and other ways to save water outdoors.

"Research tells us that Californians are very willing to save water at home, but often they don't know what to do," said DWR Director Mark Cowin. "The good news is that water conservation is not hard and every drop saved helps. Working together, Save Our Water and Council members can teach people the simple ways they can save water inside and outside their homes."

To learn more about the Save Our Water program, visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Save Our Water is a joint program founded and run by the California Department of Water Resources and the Association of California Water Agencies.

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