ANNAPOLIS, MD--(Marketwire - Mar 19, 2013) - Dr. Yasaman Roland, an Annapolis cosmetic dentist, uses advanced orthopedic and orthodontic techniques to help children and teens develop balanced bone structures and straight teeth. At Innovative Family Dental Health, her private practice, Dr. Roland utilizes a conservative and natural approach to orthodontics in order to achieve long-term dental health while simultaneously addressing her patients' cosmetic concerns.

Because Dr. Roland emphasizes a natural approach to dentistry and orthodontics, many of her clients come to her practice based on her reputation for quality, holistic dentistry. According to Dr. Roland, her patients seem to seek out Innovative Family Dental Health in direct response to the practice's methodologies.

For her teenage patients, Dr. Roland believes it is especially important to take a conservative and natural stance in regard to dental work on bone structures and placement of the teeth. When a teenage patient visits Innovative Family Dental Health, Dr. Roland's approach toward evaluation is first to assess the growth and development of the patient, as age is not a direct indicator of development along an individual patient's growth trajectory.

To conduct these evaluations, Dr. Roland uses a combination of digital pan and cephalometric x-rays to map the patient's head and facial structures. Combined with photographs of the upper and lower jaws, Dr. Roland develops a 3-dimensional visual to create a 3-dimensional outcome.

Once this 3D image is created, Dr. Roland can evaluate the relationship of the patient's bone and jaw structures to detect any compromises that need to be addressed. She can also look at the teeth to see how they are coming together, forming, and growing. These various aspects of a patient's facial construction are then synthesized to develop a treatment strategy for guided tooth growth.

Dr. Roland feels that using a conservative and natural approach at her Annapolis cosmetic dentistry practice has stable, long-term health benefits for patients in addition to the obvious cosmetic advantages. Cosmetically, she says when patients grow older, they can actually look younger due to the placement and positioning of their teeth. In regard to overall health, Dr. Roland adds that optimizing bone structures, jaw placement, and teeth alignment can prevent TMJ dysfunction and sleep apnea, as well as help patients achieve proper occlusion.

Dr. Roland works toward the goals of straightening her patients' teeth while balancing bone structures and guiding muscles to their optimal positions so that teeth will eventually be able continue their growth trajectory on their own. Conservative orthodontic treatments are done to allow a patient's normal growth pattern to take place. Ultimately, the Annapolis dentist says the aim is for patients to proceed with their own, natural development while achieving aesthetically pleasing features that are in line with "golden proportions."

About Yasaman Roland, DDS

Dr. Yasaman Roland earned her dental degree at the University of Maryland Dental School and received training at LVI -- a world-renowned, postgraduate dental education institute -- as well as the Facial Beauty Institute. Additionally, What's Up magazine has voted her as "Top Dentist in Annapolis," and she has been selected as a "Top Dentist in America" by the Consumers Research Council of America for three years in a row. Dr. Roland is available for interview upon request.

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