DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 20, 2013) - The powerhouse direct media buying group Koeppel Direct has gathered and released current research related to the technology usage of Baby Boomers and the elderly. Organized in an informational graphic, Koeppel Direct presents analysis of Internet usage, cellphone/tablet ownership, membership in social media, and the extent to which Baby Boomers and the elderly use their devices. 

It is no surprise that statistics for younger generations show extensive use of all forms of technology, and that those fifty years and older show less. However, Koeppel Direct does highlight the growing trend of technology usage for older generations. Research has found that adults over fifty are the fastest growing demographic in social media, with nearly 50% of those 50-64 having at least one online profile. Additionally, over 90% of Americans 50-64 use e-mail and two-thirds of Americans over fifty use online retailers. Savvy advertisers and marketers have taken notice of their expanding audience and have included Baby Boomers and the elderly in their marjeting efforts. 

Technology usage by Baby Boomers and the elderly is increasing at a dramatic rate, making them a group not to be discounted. Approximately 77 million Americans are aged 49-67, comprising 35% of the population. As technology pervades nearly every aspect of modern life, the older generations are becoming more savvy and active users. Whether for business, staying connected with family, or revolving around specific hobbies or interests, Americans over fifty are increasingly using technology in their daily lives.

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