BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - Mar 20, 2013) - As the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) go into effect over the next few years, healthcare organizations must be able to achieve organization-wide alignment of their teams in the face of this transformation. As such, it is more important than ever for healthcare providers to understand their unique cultures and ensure all employees are on the same page regarding the core values and mission of the organization.

RoundPegg, helping corporations measure, manage and monitor their unique cultures from the cloud, makes it easier for hospitals to understand their own cultures. With greater insight into their work environment and how individuals collaborate, healthcare organizations can gain more control of the direction of their culture and ensure employees provide a high level of patient care. Through a series of innovative web applications, RoundPegg helps healthcare clients drive human capital transformation by hiring for cultural fit, developing and engaging their teams and aligning hospital employees around a common culture.

Without cultural alignment, it is difficult for hospitals to create cohesive teams of individuals who display a high level of empathy and the right attitude when dealing with patients and their families. In addition, some hospital organizations have cultures where individuals fear retribution if they report errors, which can have a disastrous effect on patient care and the hospital's reputation. To ensure a safe, collaborative environment with a primary focus on patients, organizations need to understand where their culture is today and how it can be steered to improve organization-wide performance.

RoundPegg aims to solve these challenges by helping organizations take a bottom-up view of their culture and enact the hiring, development and engagement practices that lead to alignment and long-term success. The benefits of RoundPegg's industry-leading culture management solutions include:

  • Improving physician and staff collaboration methods across the continuum of patient care to ensure quality and time- and cost-efficient service.
  • Highlighting the sub-cultures, such as individual units, departments and job types, that are less conducive to meeting patient satisfaction and how to resolve culture gaps.
  • Determining the hospital staff and physicians most apt to enact new policies and meet value-based purchasing requirements.

"When healthcare organizations understand their current culture, and how it can be transformed, they can ensure alignment throughout the organization and that all employees provide the highest level of patient care possible," said RoundPegg's founder and chief psychologist, Dr. Natalie Baumgartner. "RoundPegg provides our healthcare clients with the information needed to drive cultural transformation, leading to higher employee engagement and retention and ensuring the long-term success of the organization."

About RoundPegg

RoundPegg is the future of culture management and allows companies to manage culture from the cloud.

RoundPegg helps companies tackle the challenges of undertaking a culture change, aligning sub-cultures or improving operational efficiencies. A culture platform featuring socially-centered web-apps make it possible to measure, manage and monitor your company's unique culture by pulling the levers to hire, develop and engage your employees in alignment with the desired culture.

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