CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - March 20, 2013) - A new energy literacy program, developed by a leading environmental organization, will help Canadians understand the benefits and costs of Canada's energy resources and, ultimately, become more efficient energy users. Acting on recommendations from its 2012 report, EPIC has approached all provincial Premiers and Energy Ministers as well as federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver to collaborate with the energy industry to support and fund Pollution Probe's "Energy Exchange" energy literacy program.

"The Energy Exchange will take the burden of finding and learning about Canada's energy through a well-planned and informative digital application that will provide one stop learning for Canadians," said EPIC President Dan Gagnier. "If we can motivate everyone to work together on this important opportunity we will have advanced more action towards managing Canada's energy future."

Pollution Probe is a research-based non-profit dedicated to further the conversations on energy among Canadians and working towards positive environmental change. One of the group's primary goals has been to build better awareness and understanding about the production and use of energy among citizens. The Energy Exchange will be internet based learning tool that will increase awareness of the economic, environmental and social contributions of Canada's energy systems.

"EPIC believes that the Energy Exchange will engage Canadians in active energy learning. Energy is a Canadian birthright and is an industry that is tremendously important in our day to day lives. Understanding the realities and impacts of its use is vital in becoming a more energy efficient nation and better protecting our environment," explained Gagnier.

EPIC's work to advance an energy literacy program is another fulfillment of recommendations made by the Institute in its August 2012 report. Several of EPIC's recommendations surrounding regulatory reform have been put into motion by provincial governments, most notably in Canada's energy heartland of Alberta.

This week's announcement of an enhanced Tanker Safety System to better protect Canada's coastlines by the federal government is another example of EPIC's recommendations being acted upon by government. To improve Canada's international energy competitiveness, EPIC sees it as vital that the country is not just an exporter of energy but also of energy services and expertise in innovative new practices and systems such as this.

"EPIC started the conversation on establishing Canada's energy leadership in 2010 in order to develop recommendations on developing a national approach to energy. We salute both the federal and provincial governments for taking action and bringing some of our recommendations to life. But there is much more to be done to ensure a bright energy future for Canada," stated Gagnier.

EPIC has been encouraged to continue to work with provincial governments to bring their recommendations forward into action. The Institute sees a pivotal opportunity to Canada to develop a national energy framework that will benefit every Canadian economically and socially through maximizing the benefits of a strong, organized and responsible energy sector.

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