MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - March 21, 2013) - Victrix, an integrated information technology services company, launches a new personalized broadcasting system that enables organizations to share targeted information with different groups in various locations. This centralized communication system is particularly interesting for organizations with employees who do not have a fixed office space or who do not use a computer. It can broadcast corporate messages on numerous television sets and reach employees working in different strategic departments in real time. Based on a SharePoint infrastructure and entirely developed by Victrix, this tool will help organizations rise to the next level of internal communication and content management and distribution.

Many organizations, notably in the manufacturing and academic sectors, do not have employees working in front of a single work station and thus cannot easily contact these employees via, for example, an Intranet. In being able to broadcast a variety of content on a television network, including news updates, videos, feed items from the organization's social media platforms and even alerts or urgent messages, these organizations can finally create a closer relationship with their employees.

Having this new broadcasting network in a plant, for instance, could help keep workers informed about important news; it would be extremely useful in the case of an emergency, as televisions could communicate warnings in real time and deliver evacuation information based on where the television sets are located. Similarly, this system can be used in schools to more directly communicate information to teachers, support staff and students, all of whom are in constant motion.

It is also possible to target content according to where the television is located, thus adapting the information to the audience receiving it. For example, a generic corporate message could be broadcast in the reception area to connect with clients or visitors, while more strategic information could be aired in the human resources department.

Developed in a SharePoint environment, this solution enables organizations to easily add broadcasting to their communication mix and manage targeted content for each television from the same portal. Organizations that already have a SharePoint Intranet can very quickly set up their broadcasting centre, without having to learn another content management system. Furthermore, organizations can completely customize the multimedia content broadcasting interface that will appear in each television set; perhaps adding borders in the organization's colours, for example.

This corporate broadcasting solution fulfils a communication need expressed by many organizations and it has no other equivalent on the market right now. It has already been implemented at an organization in the mining sector with real success.

"We're already feeling tangible excitement in the market, as organizations are always looking for new ways to improve communications with their employees," notes Jean Julien, Vice President, Alliances and Partnerships, Victrix. "The possibilities for corporate broadcasting are numerous: from sharing management messages and facilitating training to providing a constant news feed and addressing health and safety issues. Managing content is simple, centralized and transparent."

As a SharePoint specialist, Victrix is able to adapt, validate and optimize the corporate broadcasting centre according to the specific needs of each organization, thus helping them to generate maximum results.

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