NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 26, 2013) - As the stock market revisits historical highs, variable universal life insurance (VUL) may be an attractive option for clients seeking death benefit coverage with market growth potential, especially when it's available with downside protection options. Pacific Select VUL1 from Pacific Life Insurance Company offers cash value growth potential from a broad choice of investment options plus the comfort of minimum interest guarantees.

For maximum performance potential, Pacific Select VUL features 76 variable investment options, including 20 Asset Allocation Portfolios to help simplify diversification. To help protect against market downturns, the product offers:

  • Guaranteed minimum cash value at end of a 15- to 30-year period plus a degree of protection against policy lapses during the guarantee period with the optional Downside Protection Rider.2
  • Guaranteed against policy lapses for up to 20 years.3
  • Guaranteed minimum interest crediting in the 1-Year Indexed Account,4 the Fixed Account, and the Fixed LT Account.5

"The death benefit protection makes life insurance an important asset in your clients' financial portfolios," said Greg Bailey, vice president of marketing communications for the Life Insurance Division of Pacific Life Insurance Company. "With all variable universal life insurance products, your client has the growth potential of the investment options selected. In today's market, clients are also looking for some protection from extended volatile markets. Pacific Select VUL offers the balance of choice and protection with the Downside Protection Rider."

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About Pacific Life
Offering insurance since 1868, Pacific Life provides a wide range of life insurance products, annuities, and mutual funds, and offers a variety of investment products and services to individuals, businesses, and pension plans. Pacific Life counts more than half of the 100 largest U.S. companies as its clients.6 For additional company information, including current financial strength ratings, visit Pacific Life online at

1. Pacific Select VUL (Policy Form #P12VUL or ICC12 P12VUL -- form # based on state in which policy is issued) is flexible premium variable universal life insurance.
2. Downside Protection Rider (Form #R12DPR). Referred to as the Alternate Accumulated Value Rider in the contract for certain states. Downside Protection Rider must be elected at policy issue and the policy must remain entirely allocated among the allowable investment options (see prospectus) which are subject to change. The rider's Alternate Accumulated Value equals the sum of premiums paid, less policy charges and withdrawals. It is credited with a 0% guaranteed interest rate. The rider helps prevent policy lapse during the rider's guarantee period provided the rider's Alternate Accumulated Value (less policy debt) is sufficient to pay monthly policy charges. Rider will incur additional charges and are subject to availability, restrictions, and limitations. When considering a rider, request a policy illustration from your life insurance producer to see the rider's impact on your policy's values.
Short Term No-Lapse Guarantee Rider (Form #R12SNL or ICC12 R12SNL -- form # based on state in which policy is issued). Paying only the Short-Term No-Lapse Premiums will guarantee the death benefit from 5 to 20 years, based on insured's age at issue, but will not guarantee cash value accumulation. If you discontinue paying the Short-Term No-Lapse Premiums, the no-lapse feature will terminate before the guaranteed duration. Additional premiums will be required to continue the policy beyond the guaranteed duration. If policy loans or withdrawals are taken, additional premiums may be required to keep the no-lapse guarantee in force. Riders will likely incur additional charges and are subject to availability, restrictions, and limitations. When considering a rider, request a policy illustration from your life insurance producer to see the rider's impact on your policy's values.
1-Year Indexed Account is referred to in prospectus as Indexed Fixed Account. An annual charge of 0.30% applies to the 1Year Indexed Account's accumulated value. Guaranteed elements: 3% minimum growth cap, 100% participation rate, and 1% minimum crediting rate. This option does not directly participate in any stock or equities investments.
The guaranteed minimum interest rate in both fixed account options is 2.0%.
6. Client count as of May 2012 is compiled by Pacific Life using the 2012 FORTUNE 500® list.

Pacific Life Insurance Company is licensed to issue insurance products in all states except New York. Product availability and features may vary by state. Insurance products and their guarantees, including optional benefits and any fixed subaccount crediting rates, are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance but they do not protect the value of the variable investment options. Look to the strength of the life insurance company with regard to such guarantees as these guarantees are not backed by the broker-dealer, insurance agency, or their affiliates from which products are purchased. Neither these entities nor their representatives make any representation or assurance regarding the claims paying ability of the life insurance company. Variable insurance products are distributed by Pacific Select Distributors, Inc. (member FINRA & SIPC), a subsidiary of Pacific Life Insurance Company.

Nonguaranteed elements are not guaranteed by definition. As such, Pacific Life Insurance Company reserves the right to change or modify any non-guaranteed element. This right to change nonguaranteed elements is not limited to a specific time or reason.

Pacific Life Insurance Company's individual life insurance products are marketed exclusively through independent third-party life insurance producers, which may include bank affiliated entities. Some selling entities may limit availability of some optional riders based on their client's age and other factors.

You should carefully consider a variable life insurance product's risks, charges, limitations, and expenses, as well as the risks, charges, expenses and investment goals/objectives of the underlying investment options. This and other information about Pacific Life insurance products are provided in the applicable product and underlying fund prospectuses. These prospectuses are available from your life insurance producer or at
Read them carefully before investing or sending money.

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