NEW YORK, NY, March 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- All aboard! Pack your optimism and join "M" Margie Shepherd on a standing room only journey moving full steam ahead toward success! As owner and CEO of Maximize M Productions ,"M" delivers a truly inspirational message that is both timely and on target in today's world. Her book, Travesty, unveils the true-life account of a harrowing ordeal she experienced following breast reconstruction surgery and invites the reader to voyage from despair to salvation--without ever looking back!

"M" Margie Shepherd describes herself as a guru of inspiration and leads a dynamic enterprise dedicated to promoting self-acceptance, inspiring self-empowerment, and celebrating self-esteem. In an effort to spread her inspirational message worldwide, "M" conducts motivational speaking engagements aimed at helping others discover their own inner strength and fearless potential.

As a former executive for Nutrisystem, a commercial provider of weight loss products and services, "M" has been recognized for building the most financially successful region in the history of the company, a region which spanned five states, created 25,000 jobs and changed countless lives. Her efforts facilitated the national expansion of this multi-billion dollar corporation. "M" currently resides in Reno, Nevada and travels the globe on motivational speaking circuits to promote her book, Travesty. Like a stone tossed into still water, Travesty has sent ripples through the medical community and has motivated thousands to break free of their pain and find their own inner peace. Written from the heart, "M" has received an influx of positive testimonials from readers around the world who have found inspiration in her gripping story.

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