LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2013) - The Rollo Pet Company, has announced the crowdfunding launch of the Rollo Collar, the first dog collar with a built-in retractable leash. No matter the situation, a dog wearing a Rollo Collar is always equipped with a leash. Using a magnetically attached handle, dog owners can quickly leash their pets as needed, pulling a leash directly from their dog's Rollo Collar. When the time is right for a dog to run free, owners can let the leash retract back into the collar.

"The Rollo Collar gives you the freedom to walk your dog on leash where laws require one and off leash when they don't. It's the only collar that allows you to obey both the laws of nature and the laws of man," said world-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, who has endorsed the product on his blog.

"The walk is the most fundamental aspect of the relationship between dog and owner, and we've enhanced that experience," said Rollo Creator and Co-founder Tony Lord. "With the Rollo Collar, a dog can rely on its owner for safety and protection in situations where a leash is required. When the time comes to let a dog run free, owners can let go of the leash without worrying about carrying or detaching it."

Crowdfunded to Completion With Crowd Supply

The patented and patent-pending Rollo Collar is now available for pre-order on Crowd Supply, the first marketplace where projects undergo a seamless transition from crowdfunding to pre-order to shipment. Because it is being crowdfunded, those customers who want to order a Rollo Collar must do so by clicking the 'Back the Project' button next to their desired collar on the Rollo Crowd Supply page. By pre-ordering a collar, customers are simultaneously funding the manufacturing, distribution and fulfilment of the Rollo Collar. This model of doing business, known as crowdfunding, will enable the Rollo Pet Company to produce and ship the collar by the pre-order date, rather than making customers wait.

"As an innovative, technical product designed for a community of pet owners, the Rollo Collar is a perfect candidate for crowdfunding," said Sid Fohrman, co-founder of the Rollo Pet Company. "Crowd Supply is the ideal platform for the funding and delivery of our product. Because we don't have to wait in order to receive funds, we'll be ready to manufacture and ship collars to our customers quickly. Our partnership with Crowd Supply lets us follow through on everything we're offering our customers, and build our brand and business in the process."

He added: "We're also happy that Crowd Supply enables a pet products company like ours to crowdfund our inventions. This is a category limited by other crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter."

Light, Weatherproof and Comfortable

Designed for everyday use, the Rollo Collar contains a lightweight aluminum mechanism that enables human users to grab a magnetically attached handle and retract the leash. Extending to a length of up to 4.5 feet, the leash can be locked at any shorter length.

The comfort and durability of the Rollo Collar belies the advanced functionality inside. Light, sleek and comfortable, the Rollo's rubber molded rubber outer is soft to the touch, yet weather- and waterproof. The collar is also stain- and color-resistant, and can be hosed down for cleaning.

"We turned the existing leash and collar experience on its head," said designer Oved Valadez, who works with INDUSTRY, the design firm behind the Rollo. "After extensive prototyping, we were able to come up with a system that is truly revolutionary and creates a new category in the pet-goods sector."

The Rollo is available for pre-order on the Crowd Supply website through May 4, 2013. It comes in two sizes:

  • Medium supports dogs up to 50 lbs. Collar adjusts from 13"-17".
  • Large supports dogs from 50-110 lbs. Collar adjusts from 17"-21".

It is also available in four colors. For pricing information and to purchase a Rollo collar, please visit: http://www.crowdsupply.com/rollo/rollo-collar

About Rollo

The Rollo Pet Company is re-defining the way that dog owners interact with their pets. The Rollo Collar has transformed the traditional leash and collar by turning them into a single robust system. A collaboration between Co-founders Tony Lord and Sid Fohrman, and the award-winning design consultancy INDUSTRY, the Rollo Collar is available for sale now. To learn more, visit http://www.rollocollar.com. On social media, you can find us at Facebook.com/RolloCollar and @RolloCollar.

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