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The First FREE Transport Auction Site in the World

LEIPHEIM, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2013) - "Bende Varim" is Turkish and in English means "I'm on it". Bende Varim is also the name of the new transport auction site, which has been online since mid-February. What's unusual about this portal? is available free of charge to customers and transport companies. The site is initially being offered in three languages: Turkish, German and English.

There are a few pay-to-use auction portals for transport that have been around for some time. But now is also on the market. angel-group BV online GmbH from Leipheim/ Germany has made the new auction portal available completely free online in Turkish, German and English.

Transport search with a difference.

Need to move those antique chairs you bought online quickly from Bursa to İzmir? Grandma's old and comfortable sofa needs to get from Ankara to her grandson's student digs in İstanbul?

This is the idea behind the Leipheim start-up: instead of laboriously requesting quotes and prices from different transport providers, simply enter one enquiry for free as a customer online at and sit back and wait for shipping companies to send you quotes. You can compare prices and customer reviews online from the comfort of your own home and select the best deal from the quotes you receive. Neither party is charged for the service. Bendevarim Managing Director Jochen Engel and Marketing Director Sevgi Buturak say: "Our aim is to ensure that other people of Turkish origin also have the opportunity to get reasonable transport services from their homeland. Turkish companies will be able to provide quotes that would probably be much higher from German transport companies. We realised that there wasn't an auction portal like this in Turkey, although Turkey is now an important and growing economic market. That's why we're offering our portal in Turkish, German and English from the start."

The Turkish version of the press release can be found under the following link:

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