ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2013) -  A new release by Michael Vladimirivich Trisho, "The Original Order: How Did Humanity Become Enslaved to Money?" (www.darkplanetpublishing.com), tackles what is arguably humankind's most powerful vice.

"Money -- it runs the world's economy; it determines who has power; it rules human life -- but why?" asks Trisho, who has made the dynamics and history of currency a nearly lifelong study.

He attempts to answer the question of money in his book, a visionary journey of imagination into the annals of forgotten time to witness the invention of money and how it changed the development of human society.

Milan Petrovich, professor of history and physical science at Sarajevo University, witnesses the landing of a UFO in a nearby forest. He is abducted by aliens and taken on a voyage to the depths of the universe where prehistoric records are stored. Petrovich is shocked to learn the origins and purpose of money in human society.

"A terrific adventure!" writes Amazon reviewer C.M. Hawkins, who gave the book five stars. "… The author's unique interpretations and reconstruction of mankind's past give the reader new perspectives on everything from mankind's societal development, the development and use of money, and dietary evolution, to ethical issues and the lifestyle and morals known as 'The Original Order.'

"Colorful characters and unique concepts are presented by the author in a personable writing style, along with the author's original artwork. Overall, (it's) a very pleasant, entertaining and enlightening read, and a great effort by this new author." 

About Michael Vladimirivich Trisho

Michael Vladimirovich Trisho was born in 1936 in the old Austro-Hungarian city of Panchevo, currently part of Serbia. All his life, he has wondered why people become entrapped by many, and why so many believe that a money-based society is the best system. After immigrating to the United States, he continued to examine early history in search of answers about the monetary system and its relation to the institution of state. Examining archeological fossils and excavations that focused only on a narrow part of early human experience, Trisho decided to create his own reconstruction of the events that changed the course of human development during the prehistoric era. The product of that visionary reconstruction is this debut novel, "The Original Order."

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