SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2013) - 2nd Watch, Inc., a global system integrator, software and deployment firm focused on IT operations, today announced significant updates and improvements to its 2W Insight product, based on direct client feedback and growing market demand. Updates include custom tagging, email alerts for underused instances and alerts for expiring instances. The updates will allow users to closely monitor and optimize their cloud spend with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

2W Insight, which previously offered industry-standard tagging and filtering capabilities, now enables users to create and display customized tags for AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Relational Database Service (RDS) and Simple Storage Service (S3). This custom tagging allows users to easily categorize and filter AWS charges by department, application, purpose, owner or any other important category, including those unique to a specific organization.

In addition to the user-friendly custom tags, 2nd Watch has improved 2W Insight to now provide alerts. IT administrators will now receive email alerts notifying them when Reserved Instances (RI) are underused or are about to expire, optimizing the organization's RI use. As an example, expiring RI notifications will now appear immediately in an administrator's notification table on their 2W Insight home page when a Reserved Instance will expire within 30 days, allowing the administrator to address the change well in advance.

"We constantly strive to provide and perfect those tools our clients request, that they use most frequently, and that will have the biggest positive impact on their business from an operational standpoint," stated Jeff Aden, president and co-founder of 2nd Watch. "Our goal is to fine tune our product offerings into the most valuable tools in the marketplace for our clients, and with custom tagging, the new 2W Insight meets a need other cloud billing tools can't address."

About 2nd Watch
2nd Watch, Inc. is a global system integrator, software and deployment firm focused on IT operations that make the cloud work for businesses. 2nd Watch provides IT cloud products and services including 2W Insight and 2W SharePoint with guaranteed 99.99 percent end-to-end uptime for enterprise applications. The company offers more security than a Tier 3 data center and measures IT efficiency by the hour. Unlike solutions that expand overhead, are less reliable or may result in business outage, 2nd Watch leverages software, enterprise experience and partnerships to guarantee secure and reliable public cloud migration and management for more than 100 customers including Red Lion Hotels, Coldwell Banker, Demand Energy and Ecolite. 2nd Watch is an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner and Microsoft Cloud Champion and Cloud Accelerate partner. Based in Seattle, the company is backed by Madrona Venture Group, Bighorn Ventures, IT Lifeline, and Spokane Angel Alliance. For more information, try the TCO Calculator at, email, visit or call 1-888-317-7920.

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