DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Apr 18, 2013) - Your mom never forgot you at the supermarket or at Disneyland (at least we hope not); Cleverbug won't let you forget her on Mother's Day.

This year, Cleverbug is giving everyone in the U.S. the opportunity to send mom a Mother's Day card for free with its No Mom Left Behind initiative. By allowing people to create unique, photo-filled Mother's Day cards straight from their mobile phones, Cleverbug users will have no trouble making mom feel appreciated on her special day, and no excuse not to either.

Cleverbug, the premier mobile greeting card company whose technology allows users to send extremely personalized greeting cards from their mobile phones to anywhere in the world, has designed a brand new range of cards for Mother's Day. Users can customize the cards with fun and memorable family photos from Facebook or from their iPhone's camera roll, making Cleverbug's mobile app a truly unique card store tailored to the sender and their recipient. These days everyone's mom is on Facebook, and we bet some of your family's best (or most embarrassing) photos are there, waiting to be loaded into your card.

Now, during the course of growing up, you might have moved away from your mom, or maybe you travel frequently and you can't make it to a mailbox, much less, to the post office for stamps. Get this: Cleverbug will take your finished card and send it to your mom anywhere in the world. Whether studying abroad, traveling for business, or on your commuter train to work, you can pull out your iPhone, and be the thoughtful son or daughter your mom raised you to be.

"Now there's no excuse not to make your mom feel special this Mother's Day," said Kealan Lennon, founder and CEO of Cleverbug. "This initiative is not about making it easy on people, but upholding important and meaningful traditions in today's mobile and increasingly social world. It's about leveraging technology and connections people have on Facebook to strengthen bonds with their mothers who've done so much for them."

Visit Cleverbug's website to learn more about the No Mom Left Behind initiative and join the movement. Once there, visitors can download Cleverbug and pledge to never forget mom's special day again.

"Kealan has definitely forgotten Mother's Day at least once, but now, with Cleverbug, there really is no excuse! These cards celebrate the best aspects of motherhood -- fun memories, and your kids' smiling faces," said Joy, mom to Kealan Lennon. "I'm really proud of Kealan, and I believe he and Cleverbug have created something that will help to make moms all over the world feel appreciated and loved, and go a long way to help people strengthen their bond with their own moms."

Cleverbug is a free app and available for download in the Apple App Store on iPhone and iPad devices.

About Cleverbug
Cleverbug is a mobile app that allows you to send real, printed birthday and greeting cards as well as Facebook eCards, personalized with your friends' and family's Facebook photos, straight from your mobile phone to anywhere in the world. Based in Dublin, Ireland, and San Francisco, C.A., Cleverbug raised $2.5m seed capital in 2011 led by Delta Partners, Ireland's largest venture capital firm. Cleverbug is now available for download in the Apple App Store.

Notes to Editors
Every new Cleverbug user will receive a free printed card and unlimited free eCards to send to their mom for Mother's Day.

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