BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI--(Marketwired - Apr 19, 2013) - Michigan-based natural products developer Health Enhancement Products (OTCBB: HEPI) announces results of an ongoing bovine mastitis study conducted by Dr. Laura Hernandez, a lactation expert and faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Hernandez has been working in vitro with isolated samples of the Company's proprietary bioactive compounds and their effects on primary bovine mammary epithelial cells exposed to inflammatory and infective agents associated with bovine mastitis.

Bovine mastitis is the dairy industry's No. 1 health and productivity issue, costing American dairy producers nearly $3 billion annually in lost milk production and averaging roughly 840 pounds per cow in substandard milk that must be discarded each year. The problem is widespread, affecting more than 10% of the nearly 244 million dairy cows worldwide. Current treatments consist primarily of antibiotics, which require that milk is withheld from the market and discarded for up to 7 days after treatment. New FDA/USDA draft guidance suggests that additional restrictions may be placed on the use of antibiotics in dairy cows, threatening to raise milk prices.

The in vitro test results for bovine mastitis show statistically significant results in the inhibition of TNF-a and Interleukin 1-b, as well as up-regulation of serum amyloid A -- an acute phase protein secreted by the mammary gland. Positive results were also achieved for lactoferrin, a protein that inhibits the ability for bacteria to adhere to epithelial cells. And probably most significantly, test samples successfully suppressed the activity of Streptococcus uberis, a common pathogen associated with bovine mastitis. Dr. Hernandez and her colleagues will be releasing their own report shortly.

These test results also mark a significant departure from previous testing, because most of the samples were created from individual algal species isolated from the Company's proprietary algal co-culture. This opens the door for scale-up and high volume production, because greater biomass can be achieved more quickly and more consistently with a simplified growing method, which in turn points to a commercially viable product for both human and animal consumption. Company principals are now conducting additional anti-inflammatory/autoimmune modulation tests using human and canine in vitro assays.

In an unrelated development, the Company has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Essex Angel Capital to acquire the assets of Wellness Indicators, Inc., a developer of anti-inflammatory and oxidative stress urine tests. Details of the transaction will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Health Enhancement Products, Inc. (OTCBB: HEPI) is a Michigan-based health & wellness company engaged in the development of natural bioactive compounds for use as dietary supplements and food ingredients, as well as biologics for medicinal and pharmaceutical applications in humans and animals. The Company's scientific efforts are focused on the metabolic aspects of oxidation and inflammation, with a parallel program to validate and license products for healthy cholesterol balance.

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