IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 22, 2013) - Fuel Freedom Foundation announced today that former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson has joined their board of advisors. Richardson's accomplished career in public service will help drive the organization further toward its goal of creating open competition in the transportation fuels market.

Fuel Freedom is a nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign that advocates for the end of the oil monopoly, which will enable cheaper, cleaner, American-made replacement fuels to compete fairly with gasoline at the pump.

Richardson will be joining a distinguished board of advisors that includes former president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister, former Central Intelligence Agency director, Jim Woolsey and former Rockefeller Foundation president, Peter Goldmark.

Prior to joining Fuel Freedom, Richardson completed two successful terms as governor of New Mexico, beginning in 2002, through January of 2011. In 1997, he served for fifteen years representing the third congressional district of New Mexico in the United States Congress. In the Clinton administration, Richardson served as energy secretary and United States ambassador to the United Nations. He has had a long and successful career in public service, academia and in the private sector.

"Fuel Freedom Foundation is dedicated to breaking America's oil addiction and promoting the development of American-made replacement fuels. Ending the oil monopoly is critical for the United States," said Governor Richardson. "Introduction of replacement fuels into our economy will not only lower the price of fuel at the pump, but will create much needed jobs here at home. I am looking forward to using my experience in public service to help make this a reality."

New Mexico became a "Clean Energy State" under Governor Richardson's leadership by requiring utilities to meet 20% of New Mexico's electrical demand from renewable sources; and established a Renewable Energy Transmission Authority to deliver New Mexico's renewable resources to market. Additionally, Richardson's leadership helped the state progress in the areas of education, transportation and the environment.

"Until barriers to fuel competition are removed, Americans will suffer increasing economic hardship due to high oil prices. Creating competition in the fuel market will drive gasoline prices down, and this is Fuel Freedom Foundation's ultimate goal," said Eyal Aronoff, co-founder of Fuel Freedom Foundation. "I am more than pleased that Governor Richardson is joining our board of advisors and has dedicated a portion of his time to help us fight this battle and end the monopoly on oil."

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The Fuel Freedom Foundation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking our oil addiction by working to open the transportation fuels market so our cars and trucks can run on cheaper, cleaner, healthier American replacement fuels. Consumers could easily convert their cars to run on replacement fuels, but outdated regulations and entrenched commercial interests stand in the way. The Fuel Freedom campaign aims to remove barriers to competition so that natural gas, methanol, ethanol and electricity can compete on equal footing with gasoline at the pump and at the dealership. Achieving Fuel Freedom will lower fuel prices, create jobs, spur economic growth, reduce pollution, and improve national and global security. For more information visit us at

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