VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - April 22, 2013) - Cambridge House International is pleased to announce the attendance of a team of world renowned investment managers, representing the Sprott Group of Companies, at the upcoming World Resource Investment Conference. Keynote speeches will be delivered by Rick Rule, David Franklin, Steve Yuzpe, Brian Mellum, and Dean R. Jensen.

In a recent conversation with Cambridge House International, Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings, indicated that investors should, "Walk around and participate," in these conferences because, "the whole game is about stock selection, and the fact that you can take a look at 200 exhibitors in one forum is invaluable."

Also speaking to the market environment, Rick commented that the value of attendance to a resource investment show at this time, "Is much more valuable than it would have been in 2010, because the aggregate price of resource companies in 2013, is probably a 70% discount to what it was in 2010. By that metric, this market is 70% less risky."

Outside of delivering keynote speeches, Rick indicated that the Sprott Group's plan is to "Find the companies we have considered to be the best issuers," for the reason that, "we're going to be courting the exhibitors...and we have never done that before, we have always been the 'courted.' So that's what we're going to be doing at [this] conference--we're going to be looking to write checks."

As a final comment shared with Cambridge House International, Rick explained that such brutal resource bear markets can, "recover viciously to the upside," and being an investor, "You can make so much money coming out of these cataclysmic sales, but only if you are selective and aggressive at market bottoms."

This should be a fascinating series of keynote speeches at what may prove to be a historic time in the resource markets. During this two-day event, Rick Rule, David Franklin, Steve Yuzpe, Brian Mellum, and Dean R. Jensen, will be available for market comment and conversation under the tented Sprott Pavilion setup on the tradeshow floor.

The World Resource Investment Conference will be from May 26th-27th, 2013, at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

To register for the conference online now, visit: Our Registration Page.

By registering your attendance online now, you will save a $20.00 entrance fee charged at the door.

About the conference: Financial experts, newsletter writers, fund managers and analysts will host workshops and keynote sessions for over 5,000 anticipated investors. Attendees can expect a wealth of knowledge covering the natural resource outlook, speculative investing, macro trends, economic analysis, and investing strategies. Additionally, 200 companies representing mineral exploration, mid-tier producers, energy, financial institutions and media will be available in the exhibit hall to talk one-on-one with current or potential investors.

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We hope to see you there!

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