SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 29, 2013) - Open Garden, the startup crowdsourcing Internet access, and IntegriCell, a globally-recognized leader in mobile security for enterprises and governments, announced today their collaboration to develop a secure multi-network wireless mesh solution for IntegriCell's customers. A new version of the Open Garden software for the enterprise will provide high-integrity crowdsourced bandwidth, improve Internet connections across all devices, and deliver mobile broadband for data intensive downloads and uploads, like video, complex engineering diagrams and other collaboration files.

"IntegriCell's expertise in enterprise security and mobile ecosystem integrity makes them the ideal partner for Open Garden," said Micha Benoliel, Open Garden CEO and co-founder. "Our goal is to solve the ongoing 4G availability, Wi-Fi security and Internet resiliency issues that organizations face and help enterprises distribute high-integrity network access to their teams; anywhere, anytime."

"When enterprises have tried to solve the problem of mobile connectivity, security has often been an afterthought. With this new version of Open Garden, we will deliver an innovative enterprise collaboration system that reinvents how people communicate securely," said Aaron Turner, CEO, IntegriCell.

Open Garden leverages multiple devices and Wi-Fi connections and uses all available Internet signals at the same time to deliver efficient, powerful and consistent mobile Internet connections. The software works behind the scenes and joins all available Internet off-ramps, regardless of whether they are Wi-Fi hotspots or 4G base stations. The Open Garden system is designed to provide unique security capabilities, which will ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the information shared among team members.

About IntegriCell
IntegriCell is a globally-recognized leader in mobile security for enterprises and governments. The company's expertise is in understanding the risks that lie throughout the mobile ecosystem, from backend carrier switches, to towers, to handsets, to
applications, and to data on devices. Since 2010, IntegriCell customers have benefited from IntegriCell's services in identifying mobile security problems and building systems which are resilient to advanced mobile technology attacks.

About Open Garden
Open Garden is a San Francisco-based startup dedicated to bringing Internet everywhere: to every device, every person, and every location. Open Garden connects nearby smartphones, computers, and tablets into a mesh network on Android, Mac and Windows. With Open Garden people share mobile data for free with faster speeds and improved reliability. Carriers use Open Garden to optimize their Network efficiency through hybrid connectivity and multi-hop Wi-Fi offloading. Over 2.5 million people have installed an Open Garden application.

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