Hart Energy Acquires Subsea Engineering News

Move expands company's offshore information portfolio


HOUSTON, May 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hart Energy announced today it has acquired Subsea Engineering News (SEN), a digital newsletter covering the development and application of subsea oil and gas production technology, from Knighton Enterprises Ltd. In addition, Knighton's founder and editorial director, Steve Sasanow, will be retained by Hart Energy to elevate and enhance the company's growing offshore content offerings.

"The Subsea Engineering News acquisition demonstrates Hart Energy's continued commitment to further expanding its offshore market coverage," said Kevin Higgins, president and chief operating officer of Hart Energy. The company delivers offshore news through its flagship technology franchise, E &P magazine, EPmag.com, and E &PBuzz, a weekly online newsletter, and provides in-depth reporting on deepwater activity through its online newsletter, Deepwater International.

"The offshore/deepwater development segment is a key growth area in the upstream energy sector and SEN, now in its 30th year reporting from the North Sea, Australia, and Gulf of Mexico, fits well within Hart Energy's plans to expand its offshore information portfolio through organic developments and other possible acquisitions in the offshore space.

"We intend to be just as influential providing offshore oil and gas information to the petroleum industry and the financial community as we are in delivering news, data, and analysis for upstream financing and unconventional resources," Higgins said.

"I am looking forward to working with the management and marketing team at Hart Energy to expose the wider offshore industry to the quality reporting and insightful commentary which have been the hallmarks of SEN and which have made it essential reading among the subsea community," Sasanow said.

About Hart Energy

For nearly 40 years, Hart Energy has been a leader covering energy news and technology for investors and executives. The Houston-based company produces magazines (Oil and Gas Investor, E &P, Midstream Business, and FUEL), online information services (A-Dcenter.com, OilandGasInvestor.com, and UGcenter.com), and industry newsletters, and provides upstream and downstream energy research and downstream consulting services. Hart Energy boasts exceptional strength in unconventional resources, e.g., its Developing Unconventionals (DUG™) conference series, its Global Shale Gas and Global Shale Oil studies, and more. Visit hartenergy.com for more information.


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