NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 8, 2013) - That loud noise coming from the botanical extract industry is Plandaí Biotechnology, Inc. (OTCQB: PLPL) landing on the scene with three highly bioavailable products that will likely change the way we look at botanical extracts for years to come. This Seattle based biotechnology firm uses a proprietary process that is dramatically improving the bioavailability of their compounds through molecular changes to the live botanicals themselves. So much so, that when the company's products hit the market it will almost be unfair to its competition.

Plandaí Biotechnology is unlike just about any company you'll run across from their technology, to their business model right down to their multi-branded product Phytofare™. While the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the heart of what makes this company tick is more than ten-thousand miles away on an 8,000 acre tea plantation in South Africa. Plandaí grows its own botanicals, harvests them, and then once harvested, quickly passes the live plant materials on to the next phase of the process. You see this company is fully integrated and everything is handled inside the company leaving no outside influences to disturb or hijack the process from start to finish.

It is the "magic" that takes place after the live plant materials are passed along to the next step in the process that will earn this company its stripes in the industry. After all, Plandaí Biotechnology is a biotech firm and this is where they'll prove it. When anyone takes a drug or supplement of any kind, they want it to work and to get the most out of that compound into their system. Well, this is what Plandaí is doing with its products -- molecularly creating more bioavailable extracts for its customers.

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