BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - May 8, 2013) - Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), today announced the publication of new research reports from its Human Capital Management (HCM), Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy, and Retail and Consumer Markets research practices.

"Assessments 2013: Finding the Perfect Match," prepared by Mollie Lombardi, Vice President and Principal Analyst in Aberdeen's Human Capital Management practice, states that assessments have matured from a critical tool into an effective talent strategy. Whether used as a screen for new applicants, an in-depth simulation to assess the capabilities of a leadership candidate, or personality-type assessments for team-building, assessments play an important role in talent decisions. In fact, leading companies indicate 58% of their management level or key strategic positions are filled with internal candidates, as compared to 34% of All Others. This report addresses organizational use of assessments as part of a talent strategy to achieve outstanding business results. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, made possible in part by Assess Systems, CPP, The Devine Group, and SHL, visit:

"Strategic Onboarding 2013: A New Look at New Hires," prepared by Madeline Laurano, Research Director, Talent Acquisition Solutions, in Aberdeen's Human Capital Management practice, notes that first impressions are often the most critical with customers, key stakeholders and, perhaps most importantly, employees. Leading organizations now think proactively about onboarding talent by adopting new practices, and investing in traditional and innovative technology solutions. This study explores the best practices used to transform new-hire orientations into strategic initiatives, and how organizations leverage world-class technology to raise productivity, engagement, and retention. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, made possible in part by iCIMS and SilkRoad, visit:

The "Ear to the Crowd: Leaders Add Social Listening and Intelligence for Brand Management" research study by Trip Kucera, Senior Research Analyst for Aberdeen's Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy practice, explores the emerging discipline of social brand management, which simultaneously provides unfiltered access to consumer opinion, as well as (some of) the tools necessary to shape it. The report details how top-performing companies are 2.5 times as likely as lower-performing peers to use social listening tools to capture brand or customer sentiment. To obtain a complimentary copy of the report visit:

"Omni-Channel Retailing 2013: The Quest for the Holy Grail," prepared by Chris Cunnane, Senior Research Analyst in Aberdeen's Retail & Consumer Markets practice, illustrates how leading retail and consumer markets organizations that are moving to align the brand, product offerings, and marketing messages to deliver a uniform customer experience across all channels often fail to fully understand the role of inventory in the connected experience, specifically the need to ensure that customers can access all products across all channels. This report examines how leading retailers put product availability at the forefront of their omni-channel strategy. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, made available in part by Amazon Webstore and Riversand Technologies, visit:

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