SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - May 9, 2013) - Drobo, makers of award-winning data storage products for businesses and professionals, today announced that it is experiencing accelerated adoption among video professionals, film producers and multimedia production studios who require fast, reliable, intuitive and scalable storage solutions for a rapidly evolving industry. Based on its registered user data, there are more than 10,000 video and multimedia professionals now using Drobo to help solve the storage and editing requirements associated with video and film production.

"HNH Multimedia Productions specializes in interactive storytelling for a diverse clientele and provides interactive CD-ROMs and films to commercials and Web sites. We've been using Drobo for more than three years in our full-service multimedia production studio," said Catherine Miller, co-owner, HNH Multimedia Productions, LLC. "I'm not a technology or storage expert and don't have a lot of time and effort to spend to become one. With my Drobo I don't have to. Each project I work on is extremely deadline driven and unique, and Drobo provides me with peace of mind along the way."

The professional media and entertainment industry has undergone a massive transformation over the last few years. Higher-quality codecs, larger digital images, high-definition (HD) video, more graphics and tapeless acquisition are driving an astronomical need for more digital storage and more advanced storage capabilities. Drobo has continued to innovate to accommodate and stay ahead of these changes, with higher capacity, higher performance systems, modern interfaces like Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, battery backup for even higher reliability, plus the ability to easily accommodate SSD (flash) storage media along with hard drives.

For award-winning production company RHED Pixel, a full service visual communications company specializing in high definition video production for public service announcements, educational and documentary pieces and other broadcast video, Drobo is being deployed for their primary backup, storage and archive for all data. The company has been a long time Drobo customer and has seen its products evolve to meet the needs of the professional film and video industry, especially with the addition of the new professional product line, the Drobo Mini, 5D and 5N.

"RHED Pixel consumes terabytes of data on a weekly basis. With a video project, the cost of losing data is often irreplaceable, as you can't capture that moment or shot again. Our data is mission critical and we back it up to multiple Drobos. We use Drobos as both our primary backup and our active storage for our editing and graphics systems," said Rich Harrington, author, video/photo professional and CEO of RHED Pixel. "With a typical project, our data will often be stored on two or three different Drobo devices. We'll use things like the new Drobo Mini to transport from the field shoot, then switch to larger options for the editing stages. We also use Drobos for near term storage to keep things backed up and then archived."

"Every computer in our office is connected to a Drobo, including the ones that go into the field. The addition of USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, as well as SSD cards, have made them fast and reliable. We have seen the company really listen to the needs of film and video professionals to accommodate growing needs. We have been using for Drobo for years and have noticed more and more of our peers adopting them," concluded Harrington.

Partner of photography and film production company, Expedition Workshops, Twitter and KEENPRESS, Cotton Coulson, focuses on the environment, climate issues, and international travel stories. He chose the Drobo Mini as the ideal external storage solution to take on his long Antarctic Peninsula expedition on board the National Geographic Explorer through Lindblad Expeditions to shoot video on humpback, finn and killer whales, penguins and leopard seals. "When shooting throughout long days and nights, in all kinds of extreme weather conditions, the new Drobo Mini performed just as designed; easy to use and fast enough for constant video editing and rendering. I am very happy to know that my creative material is safely backed up, and I no longer have to carry with me four to five separate backup drives. It also saves me a lot of time being able to store all the data in one secure place," said Coulson.

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