MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - May 9, 2013) - AXON Integration & Development, a company that specializes in developing, integrating and upgrading software, is launching the application xTester, a powerful tool that facilitates the automation of all types of tests used during software development. Testing is the cornerstone of the development of quality software, and by orchestrating all the work associated with the automation of tests, xTester enables developers to ensure that all relevant tests are carried out properly and that the software created meets the highest quality standards and complies with applicable laws. In addition to allowing organizations to purchase the product, AXON also offers a test outsourcing service based on xTester to increase the performance of development teams.

AXON has been producing automated tests for several years, and knows that it requires a large number of tools and a significant amount of manual intervention on the part of developers, who are often overwhelmed by the size of the task. Moreover, when tests are automated manually, there is a high risk of error, and it is often difficult to get a clear picture of the quality of the functions. There are solutions designed to help automate testing, but they do not automate the entire chain of tests, and they are cumbersome and expensive, and often use a proprietary language. In addition, currently existing tools allow developers to ensure the quality of a single program, but not a complete business process.

The xTester application facilitates quality management while significantly reducing the number of specialists required for testing and the time required for this task. It integrates all possible tests into a single, comprehensive application, which greatly facilitates the tasks related to automation. Using this tool, the development team can know in real time the functional quality of a program and its level of compliance, how quickly anomalies are corrected, and how far the project has progressed. This provides substantial savings while ensuring the quality of software.

"We know that this tool provides excellent value to organizations," said Steeve Duchesne, President of Axon Integration & Development. "In addition to reducing the time and cost involved in testing, xTester demonstrates and guarantees the quality and compliance of the software created. In fact, in an environment where compliance plays a key role in the majority of our activities, with xTester, we offer the simplest and most complete way to achieve these goals."

AXON is already seeing a great deal of enthusiasm around xTester, and many organizations have expressed an interest in the product. Just recently, the tool was selected as a finalist in the prestigious OCTAS competition organized by the Réseau ACTION TI, in the category "Internally Developed Business Solutions". AXON will find out on May 25 if it has won the award.

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