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What surprising passion do four winter athletes native to Quebec Caroline Calvé (snowboard), Olympic gold medal winner Caroline Ouellette (women's hockey), Valérie Maltais (short track speed skater) and Marc-Antoine Gagnon (freestyle skier)have in common? When they're not busy competing on the world stage or training in the arena, or on slopes, they all love to bake.

The other thing they have in common is that they are financially supported by CAN Fund (, a not for profit organization devoted to raising funds and awareness of Canadian athletes, which in turn is supported by Redpath Sugar. (

A recent contest on the French Redpath Sugar Facebook page ( pitched athletes against each other in an arena where few of their fans will have ever observed them - the kitchen.

In front of an enthusiastic audience of Redpath Sugar contest winners, as well as friends and families, their natural competitiveness soon started showing, as pucks, boards and skates were swapped for sugar, flour and eggs in a race to a culinary finish line no less thrilling that any of the athletic feats they usually perform on ice and snow.

Referee and well known Montreal bakery owner Christine Mitton ensured that contest rules were kept to, no competitor's eggs "accidentally" developed suspicious cracks and the heat of contest was kept at least somewhat below the heat of the ovens.

In the end, audience applause determined the winner. Caroline Ouellette walked away with top price for her white chocolate tiramisu, closely followed by Marc Antoine's angel cake, Valerie's goji berry bars and Caroline's organic banana bread with pineapple.

Quote attributable to Nancy Gavin, Manager of Brand Development, Redpath Sugar:

"Athletes perform at their best when they have energy to power and money to support their training, travel and equipment needs.

Sugar has always been a valuable source of energy for athletes and by supporting CAN Fund we're also helping to support our Canadian athletes financially."

Quote attributable to Jane Roos, Founder and Executive Director of CAN Fund:

"CAN Fund receives hundreds of applications from athletes coast to coast. Athletes depend on CAN Fund so they can afford proper nutrition, equipment, coaching, and travel expenses.

The support from Redpath gave the Fund the opportunity to support 4 athletes and their world class talent and see another side of them with their amazing baking skills."

Quote attributable to Caroline Ouellette:

"Many athletes love baking. During training, we all burn through a lot of energy, energy we need to replace and replace quickly. Cookies and sweets are perfect for pick-me-up and a nice treat for the soul."

About Redpath Sugar:

Redpath Sugar started crafting sugar as the Canada Sugar Refining Company in 1854 in Montreal, Quebec and was founded by John Redpath (1796-1869).

Redpath Sugar Ltd, part of the ASR Group (, provides sugar products to consumers, food service outlets and food manufacturers throughout Canada.

To learn more, visit (French) or (English).

About Canfund:

For over 10 years CAN Fund has been helping great talent become world class and has supported hundreds of athletes who have proudly represented Canada at World Championships and Summer and Winter Games from Sydney to Sochi.

CAN Fund is a leading catalyst in giving our athletes what they need to succeed on the world stage. Your donation provides our athletes with the opportunity to train and compete on a level playing field for Canada.

Becoming world class requires great financial commitment and with consistent support from CAN Fund our athletes will achieve excellence. With every donation you find out which athlete is supported and receive a tax receipt.


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