OWINGS, MD--(Marketwired - May 9, 2013) - Securing its reputation as the leading global provider of load bank testing, rentals and service, ComRent today announced its new whitepaper outlining best practices for load bank testing. "Three Load Testing Approaches to Minimize Downtime and Increase Efficiency of Local Power Systems" is a guidebook for facility managers seeking to improve the reliability, availability, and efficiency of primary and backup power supply systems at mission-critical facilities. To download a full copy of ComRent's whitepaper, please visit http://www.comrent.com/white-paper-form-three-load-testing-approaches.html?view=rsform.

Authored by Mark Siira, a senior member of IEEE, an officer of Standards Coordinating Committee 21, and Director of Business Development at ComRent, the resource explores similarities between multiple load testing procedures -- underscoring the importance of a best-practices approach to ensuring long-term availability. Emphasizing the importance of project planning during the design phase, Siira points to commissioning as an essential component to the entire project lifecycle.

"For projects to be successful, load bank testing and planning must be seamlessly integrated into the design, scheduling, and budgeting phase of each facilities project," said Siira. "This whitepaper is an invaluable resource for those trying to improve the reliability and availability of the power infrastructure at core facilities."

Taking the discussion further, Siira discusses how advanced technology significantly accelerates commissioning schedules -- thus reducing costs. Such decisions as temporary rental of specialty load banks, cable and switch gear -- as well as use of remotely-controlled load banks -- both of which factor into reduced costs and faster set-up times.

Siira also proposes structured tools for real-world problem solving, specifically focused on several core areas, including: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Accurate problem recognition and description -- as well as quick action to contain the issue -- are top priorities. Once short-term measures are in place, teams are able to focus on root-cause failures by testing each potential cause against problem description and data. Siira notes these preliminary steps are the most effective tools to power corrective action and avoid system recurrence.

"In our history, we've performed more than 30,000 load tests. This whitepaper effectively packages some of this expertise in one location -- guiding facility managers through the highly complex power supply process," concluded Siira.

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