DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - May 10, 2013) - Dr. David D. Kim, a Dallas bariatric surgeon, is celebrating ten years of helping patients achieve dramatic weight loss at Kim Bariatric Institute. Along with Kim Bariatric Institute (KBI) certified weight loss surgeon Dr. Bridget Holden, Dr. Kim offers patients a range of procedures including gastric bypass and gastric banding. Recently, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie publically announced that he had laparoscopic banding weight loss surgery in February, and Dr. Kim shared his thoughts on the matter.

"Governor Christie is a fine example that obesity does not discriminate," says Dr. Kim. Obesity is a problem that can -- and does -- affect anyone. Governor Christie's recent laparoscopic gastric band procedure shows that weight loss surgery can be considered by anyone in need of help to restore his or her health, regardless of their personal successes in other areas of their lives.

According to Dr. Kim, when public figures such as Governor Christie are vocal about their weight loss surgery treatment, the effect is an increase in awareness about the many methods available to address morbid obesity. "It takes courage to discuss one's weight loss procedure so publically," says Dr. Kim. "Especially when some of the public may not agree with or understand the decision."

When Governor Christie announced that he opted for laparoscopic banding surgery to lead a healthier life and be there to support his wife and children, Dr. Kim was not surprised. "Weight loss surgery is rarely for cosmetic reasons," says Dr. Kim. "Many obese people find it difficult to play with their kids and enjoy family activities. They may also be suffering from life threatening problems like diabetes and they deserve a chance to live longer."

Dr. Kim and Dr. Holden help Dallas bariatric surgery patients from age 16-70, all in the span of a single day. Obesity impairs the young, the middle aged, and older patients equally. For Governor Christie, he has said his 50th birthday caused him to reflect on his lifestyle and the current state of his happiness. From Dr. Kim's experience, he has noticed that bariatric patients are motivated to improve the quality of their lives when their health and happiness are affected -- at whatever age that may be.

Governor Christie, as a prominent political figure often in the public eye, will likely have his post-bariatric surgery progress monitored by news outlets. During an interview with NBC's Brian Williams, Governor Christie said he expects that "People will notice how I'm doing." Dr. Kim hopes that in the months that follow, the public learns that not all weight loss surgery is the same.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Holden perform four types of weight loss surgeries at Kim Bariatric Institute, and each procedure yields different results. For example, Dr. Kim says that, LAP-BAND® System surgery patients are only expected to lose about half of the weight that other bariatric procedures might eliminate, and that it may be less effective for some patients at resolving seniors' health issues, like diabetes. The bariatric patients of the Kim Bariatric Institute work with Dr. Kim and Dr. Holden to determine which procedure will help them best achieve their personal health and weight loss goals.

About David D. Kim, MD

Dr. David Kim earned his medical degree at Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine. He has distinguished himself in his career by becoming the first bariatric surgeon in Fort Worth to perform laparoscopic gastric bypass. Dr. Kim is available for interview upon request.

About Bridget Holden, MD

Dr. Bridget Holden is a graduate of the University of Texas-Austin and earned her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She is a KBI-certified weight loss surgeon at the Kim Bariatric Institute. Dr. Holden is also available for interview upon request.

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