ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - May 10, 2013) - In his new book, "Life... Don't Miss It. I Almost Did: How I Learned to Live Life to Its Fullest," (, entrepreneur, speaker and former CEO Gary Kunath says people desperately seeking a way to balance the demands -- and joys -- of their work and home lives.

"I used to be caught up in the spin cycle of thinking that net worth automatically afforded me life worth," says Kunath, a former national Businessman of the Year. "I sacrificed time with my family with the justification that I was providing necessary material things. But at a certain point you realize that money doesn't make you rich; it just allows you to buy more stuff."

In "Life… Don't Miss It," Kunath passes along the lessons he learned about achieving work-life balance no matter how demanding one's job.

"Gary's unique insights on personal development have been very beneficial to our company for many years -- reading this book will show you why!" writes David Marriott, COO of America's Eastern Region, Marriott.

Amazon reviewer Terry M Tarbell, who gave the book five stars, writes, "I originally bought this book at the airport; it's quick read but truly makes you think about what's important in life. I loved it so much I ended up buying additional books as gifts for my three daughters. Inside the book I wrote that they pay it forward when they were done reading it. This book touched me in such a way that I want to share it with everyone."

About Gary Kunath

Gary Kunath is the founder of The Summit Group, which is ranked among the top sales-training companies in the world by Selling Power magazine. His value-creation approach received the "Innovative Practice of the Year Award" by 3M worldwide. He was named Businessman of the Year for the United States and was recognized at a dinner hosted by the U.S. president. He has lectured extensively at prominent business schools, and is currently an adjunct professor at The Citadel's Sports Marketing graduate program. Kunath is as an owner of several professional minor league baseball teams along with his partners, Bill Murray, Jimmy Buffet and Mike Veeck. The group is famous for managing its teams around the "Fun is Good" approach.

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