TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - May 13, 2013) - Signs abound that Taiwan's biotechnology industry is booming. As Bio Taiwan 2013, the largest annual biotech event in Asia, is set to be held in July, it has already achieved unprecedented response in terms of exhibitor registrations. A record-breaking of 1,200 exhibitors will promote products and services in its venue, and over 600 cases of one-on-one partnership matching focused on business and investment are expected at the event, a six-fold increase over last year. While key global pharmaceutical firms such as Glaxo Smith Kline has announced its plan to perform clinical trials in Taiwan, other major international and Taiwan firms, all six biotech industrial parks in China, major Japanese biotech venture capital funds will all attend Bio Taiwan 2013. In addition, delegates from US, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand will also participate in Bio Taiwan 2013, seeking all forms of business cooperation. 

The exceptional response towards Bio Taiwan 2013 attests to Taiwan's rising status as a key biotech hub. In spite of the global financial tsunami that has dealt a serious blow to financial markets the world over, Asia has emerged as a particularly bright spot, with Taiwan playing a significant role leveraging its close links to the biotech industries of China and other countries. Market cap of Taiwan's biotech sector has grown over 5.2 times over the last four years, jumping from US$3B in 2009 to US$15B in 2013. 

The link between Taiwan and China has expanded Taiwan biotech industry's horizon. "The ties across Taiwan Strait has more than doubled the market space and business scope of Taiwan's bio-medical firms. Homogeneous life style and pathological patterns on both sides makes it one single market in a biological sense," commented Dr. Johnsee Lee, Chairman of Taiwan Biotech Center and Director General of Taiwan Biotech Industry Association, which organizes Bio Taiwan 2013. Dr. Lee said, "Taiwan's biotech sector has gone through its decade of embryonic growth, accomplishing strong footholds in biotech, pharmaceutics, medical treatments, and food sectors owing to its R&D and manufacturing capabilities and its vibrant capital market. Recognizing Taiwan's strength, many international players, notably from Japan and China, have shown high level of interests in collaborating with Taiwan for entry into international markets."

Dr. Lee observes that global pharmaceutical and medical device firms are increasingly drawn by Taiwan's skills in biological products, biosimilar drugs, medicine-affiliated companion diagnostics, digital medical treatment, CRO clinical trial, and agricultural biotech. Their enthusiasm has been evidenced time and again by their quest of tie-ups with Taiwan firms in events like BIO US in Chicago this year and Bio Taiwan. 

Hence Bio Taiwan 2013, to be held at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei from July 17 through 21, will feature exhibitions heralding newly developed drugs and medical devices, BioBusiness Asia Conference, Conference on Greater China Opportunity, Annual Cross-Strait Cooperation Meeting, along with many company presentations and one-to-one dialogs for partnership. The attendance this year is believed to exceed the 100,000 mark achieved last year, and it will also surpass the attendance record hold by Bio Japan, making it the largest Biotech event in Asia Pacific.

The Annual Cross-strait Cooperation Conference in Bio Taiwan 2013 will attract wide attention as it highlights the closer integration of biotech firms in the Greater China region. Deputy minister-level officials from both sides are scheduled to attend the conference, while delegations from China's biotech industrial parks in Suchou, Liaoning, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou zero in on bio-similar drugs, specifically drugs with similar protein structure, as the focus for their potential cooperation with Taiwan firms. 

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