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ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. (, the global leader for SPICE modeling solutions and the leading technology provider for Design-for-Yield (DFY) applications

Will host a 60-minute Webinar titled, "Accurate and Efficient Wideband On-wafer Flicker (1/f) Noise Measurement," to be given by Dr. Zhihong Liu, ProPlus' executive chairman. It will introduce attendees to ProPlus' new 9812D noise measurement system and describe its capabilities, including how it maintains the highest accuracy, delivering 10-megahertz (MHz) measurement bandwidth and increased measurement throughput.

Tuesday, May 14, at 9 a.m. P.D.T.

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On-wafer flicker (1/f) noise is a device characteristic that impacts circuit performance and used to characterize manufacturing process quality. Accurately measuring 1/f noise at the wafer level is challenging and time consuming, especially at advanced process nodes.

The webinar will offer a look at on-wafer 1/f noise measurement and how its data is validated, through:

  • The architecture of a modern noise measurement system
  • Increasing noise measurement quality for different devices at different bias conditions
  • Improving noise measurement resolution and measurement throughput while extending noise measurement to a higher frequency

The webinar is meant for academics, engineers and engineering managers who want to improve on-wafer noise measurement quality.

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ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. delivers Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions that enhance the link between design and manufacturing. It provides unique Design-for-Yield (DFY) solutions that integrate device modeling software, a parallel SPICE circuit simulator and variation analysis tools. Products include: BSIMProPlus™, a leading device modeling technology platform for nanometer devices; NanoSpice™, a high-capacity, high-performance parallel SPICE simulator for giga-scale circuit simulation; and NanoYield™, a variation analysis platform for yield versus power, performance and area trade-off of memory, analog and digital circuit designs. ProPlus has R&D centers in San Jose, Calif., and Beijing and Jinan, China, and sales offices in Tokyo, Japan, Hsinchu, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China. More information about ProPlus Design Solutions can be found at

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