NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 13, 2013) - Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) COO Dr. Gerald Crabtree is no stranger to late stage clinical trials or dealing with blockbuster therapies for cancer patients. It's likely that is exactly why he is the COO at the small Silver Spring, Maryland, biotech. The road that Nuvilex is currently on -- preparing for a large scale Phase III clinical trial to treat advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer using its cell encapsulation technology combined with the cancer killing drug, ifosfamide -- Dr. Crabtree is no stranger to traveling.

With a great deal of excitement surrounding this company's technology and the amazing results it's shown in clinical trials against advanced pancreatic cancer and in pre-clinical studies in diabetes and against mammary tumors, there are many new investors taking a look at the company. Some are new to biotechnology stocks and some are new to the Phase III clinical trials process, so as you can imagine, this is generating plenty of questions surrounding what Nuvilex must endure to begin those trials. 

Stock House Group, a research and content development investor relations firm, spoke extensively about the company's upcoming trials with Dr. Crabtree who has had a large role in several Phase III trials including a role with the team at Bristol-Myers Squibb that developed the blockbuster cancer drug, Taxol. In our discussion, Dr. Crabtree addressed some of the items that must be dealt with before a late-stage clinical trial can begin, the study sites, seeking "orphan drug" and "fast track" status and where Nuvilex is in the process.

Read our full interview with Dr. Gerald Crabtree to learn what plans Nuvilex, Inc. has for their upcoming Phase III clinical trials to treat advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer at

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